Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Away from all Seriousness

As i type this, i am talking to Crappy_Nappy who i haven't talked to in a while, and i would like to relay a small part of the conversation (which will probably be more amusing to hear than to read):

كرابي: هذي انتي وراي؟
انا: لأ انا فالدوام
كرابي: وايد اتشابهتش
انا: حلوة؟
كرابي: اي
أنا: أي هذي انا
كرابي: هاها
انا: زين متى بنزوجك؟
كرابي: خلاص ماني متزوج ماكو احد يسوى
انا: قصدك ماكو بنات حلوات ولا ماكو اخلاق
كرابي: لا مو مهم الاخلاق
انا: هاها
كرابي: بس ابي وحدة اتسولف --اوخ كاهي الاكس

knowing Crappy that's typical him....بكل مكان أكو أكس...أي مو معقوله كلهم مو زينين و أهوه حضرته الزين...مو مهم الأخلاق؟؟همممم

laish hypocrite, meskeen ma yabi wa7da 3indaha akhlaq
LOL you cracked me up .

ana ma gilt ana il zaaain !!!
for some types of sociaty levels. to khobiz rgaaag ana sarsarreeeey 3oood o mo khooosh

to chicken nugget ana Catch AND hotties

il akhlaaag muhima ya jima3aa bs to an acceptable level like I said depends on what i need in a girl
crappy, wala inta khosh walad madri laish sum3etek chethee. I think ppl confuse having a good time with being a player (sij kisart kha6ri :p)
Thanks for the laughs

And Sheba, I'm stunned!
Arabic?? Really??
haha shurouq,

ee 7ada wanasa!

kila min ajl il wa6an!!

btw, i only have arabic at work now so excuse me when i still write in dumb irc arabic from home. Actually thats a lie,,I do have a pc with arabic at home, but i'm too lazy to get it internet ready :p

love ya
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