Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Again, I've been absent from my blog and yours because of another tidal wave, but this time it’s not about my new job or project, it is about all of us.

It started in 1999 when our late Emir (God rest his soul) presented our Parliament with a decree to grant women their political rights. The tide extended to May 17th 2005, when we finally were allowed our rights by the members of Parliament (endless appreciation to those who supported women from the beginning

And when we thought we were at the height of the tide when finally we saw ourselves as Kuwaitis united to fight corruption; the tide was raised further by unimaginable heights by the dissolution of Parliament.

And here I am swimming in the wave, and like all of us, and like our beloved Kuwait, we will survive.

Welcome back Sheba. You've been truly missed :)
and good luck to all of us

God bless Kuwait
well in that respectI like the fact you are optimistic and we have a long way to go
girl... ebyanzilich enthar gheyaab!
hi sheba

شكرا على الرد

iam new in blogger

انا مستمره بكتاباتي

استمروا معي

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