Tuesday, July 04, 2006

لأنها تستاهل

شروق مظفر رفعت راسنا وقاومت الفساد بيدها ولسانها ولو احنا بوكت حروب تحرير كان اهي اول من راح
واللي مو عاجبة الكلام بالطقاق

كأ نكم ابتلشتوا بعد ما شيبا تعلمت عربي
This space is dedicated to Shurouq of jabriya.blogspot.com
yep till here

:: a3sabech :)
إنتي عجيبة

خسارة والله ما امداني اشوفها كلها

قصدي المقالبه كلها

بس من اللي شفته والله كانت جدا ثابته و سنعه.. برافو والله

ايه واشوفك استانستي على العربي حتي السبلنج حقك راح فيها

علي قول وحدة محومه كبدي "هدي اللعب يا هوووووووه"

بالله ما تحوم الكبد؟؟؟
Shurouq, kafu bnayyatna
Sheba, intay tyunnineen :)
AwWWww Mom just told me about the interview today I MISSED it :( is it available online, like on youtube.com? and did anybody watch that interview Abdulqadir El-Jasim did on al7urra TV with two guys..? forgot their names...I missed that too! what does a TV look like!

Mashallah Gool o Fi3il! Allah yuwaffiggkum ya banat liKuwait!
Hi Sheba, love your blog but it's a strange transition from all english to arabic. Anyway you're right Shorouq was amazing, she was charismatic, witty, outspoken and knew exactly what she was saying. The camera loves her.

Ladies, if you're reading this I've never been so proud of you as I've been the past few months. You rock Kuwait.
بالطقاق من كلماتي المفضلة

شروق تهبل
alexi watch the whole interview on Bujwais' blog
Thanx a3sab!
اي والله تستاهل

بس اهي اسمها مظفر مو مضفر

haha umbai
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