Sunday, July 09, 2006

Dear Emir,

As I saw the last of the electoral campaign posters in my area this morning, I quickly forgot about my lost earrings and remembered the claim of Mohammed Al-Mutair that during the renovations of one of the governmental schools in Abdulla Al-Salem, asbestos insulation was found.

If this is true, and Abdullah Al-Salem schools were built in the mid seventies, then sir this means that corruption has made this country and is not a new phenomenon.

If this is true, the only imaginable solution to this piled corruption is a root change. We had great hopes in you and I am now evoking the traces of this hope when I write you this letter. We had hopes that we finally have a fair decision maker, a strong leader, a no-nonsense ruler. One who beyond anything finds it vital that our beloved country and its people are put on track, that its people and its government are held accountable for their mistakes and rewarded for their work.

We’ve been a welfare country since the finding of our oil riches in the 60s. This has lead us to have great expectations of what we can receive from our country and we expect to give nothing in return. But it is no one’s right to take. It is only our right to earn.

I beg you to allow Kuwait the chance to survive this dissipation. We believe in you to reverse the decades of decadence. We removed our beloved, sick Emir because of this stern believe in you that you can make changes. Kuwait is ailing and we cannot remove her from our hearts, but we need you to come to her aid before her heart fails. There is no other expectation of our Emir, and their should be no other priority.

Sincerely Yours,

Your daughter

I have the same hopes u have from the Amir.

On the other hand I don't know why am Pessimistic that he will come and cure the wounds
if this was a petition i'd want to be the first to sign
you're wasting your time

he'll probably read your letter and tell you to f*ck off

you have better chances singing to the rain to come clear the dust away
Amazing letter, very touching and meaningful. I hope every word will be taken into consideration. wishfull thinking i know :P
I was touched...
but the question is, would he read it ?
Is he listening to people's pleading towards saving the ship of Kuwait ("OUR" ship) from sinking ...!!! Like Sheba, as we all know, one of the best BOOM's of Kuwait sank in Dhahya... The Nookhetha was the best that anyone could wish for, but eventually - the Choowy Goowy, Cinnabon, Avenue Face water spays, Haagen Daaz Ice cream ...etc, wave followers were fighting against our Boom's sailing.. The Range Rover Speed tides- slowed it down.

So i guess as long as our Amir is enjoying being in the back seat, watching the corruption waves/tides push our ship away from the Safe Harbour.. all i would say is .. La6ebna wala Ghada ilShar !!
I need someone to translate this so that i can send it.

Any volunteers?
Sheba, i think you should send it just the way it is...
Its very touching just like that.
no i think if the amir was to take it seriously, it should be in arabic. it'd be more rasmy if it was in arabic
Cant believe you guys are actually contemplating sending it! Kuwaits choices today are getting slimmer: 1) Escelate rallies to demonstrations...which will (should)eventually lead to violence and armed resistance.

2) Just say like the vast majority, il deera deerat bin sabah w itha yaboonha chithi bil 6agag uhma w deerat-hum foaghum

u decide...
Totally agree with agn's point number one after we all read in the papers and/or saw how the last Friday demonstrations really made things worse, you should like try and meet him with a group of reasonable females or publish ur letter in a paper, make it longer :)
still no volunteers for Arabic translation :/

agn, i agree, but i can't stop trying & hoping
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