Wednesday, July 05, 2006

You'd think that now that we have our rights and are kicking ass that we'd stop getting cramps! But i guess that has a time too.

Diet Care kicks ass too. After 2 years of Atkins on & off i forgot how to eat right and i'm now in rehab with Diet Care.

God loves me.

Dahiat Abdulla Al-Salem Sucks.

Any news on Basil Al-Rashed?

so is Atkins as bad as we hear it is? I've done the weight watchers for years, it is the most successful and the healthiest system I've ever known
skip dinner ya 7lwah!

miss you :(
white wings: Atkins is good if you have good awareness on whats good & not good for you but i need rehab to re-enter the general population because with Atkins i can eat all i want and i started doing that with cakes & puddings and gained 13 Kg! So i am re-learning quantities now with Diet Care.

w. chub

ليش الاخلاق تعبانه شوي اليوم؟؟ حتى انا واصلة معي

كني......والا اقولك، ما ينفع هنا

hehe Miss you 7ail W :*
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