Monday, August 07, 2006


* I love HASHI & all their dishes, with the exception of the salads.

* Prague was beautiful but racist.

* Best foundation is Devinora from Guerlin mixed with liquid bronze illuminator.

* I was wondering why I’m maturing, and then remembered I’m 34!

* Must must must go to the gym

* Work is good

* Thank heavens for Sloggi بو شورت

Welcome back...

You must go back to the GYM!
You are the first person to say they like Hashi food, I think you need to go 10 more times and then give us an rating out of 10.

As for Prague, they are not racist, they are Europeans.

must must must Not go to the gym.

thank you.. but are you saying i'm faT?

i've been 4 times already and will be going again very soon.

Love it and anyone with a half sphisticated pallet loved it

did you try it?
oh & its the first time i face racism in Europe
Hashi !!! aaaaaaah !!! we must go again ...
they have an amazing new salad thats not on the menu !
Oh ma ga!! Hashi is the best!! I think it's the best food that ever happened to Kuwait (excluding machboos deyay).
Praque wow Its one of the places on my list, about the racism issue though will just get high lights b4 I go, afterall we'r not the most popular race on earth and we only are to blame ;)

Bint A7med wait for me bayee wiyakum ;)

Oh and Im not gonna comment on the gym thing or whatever..
Prague is on my list and not Praque haha!
Ok I'm beggining to suspect my taste buds arent working :S
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Hands down the best restaurant in Kuwait and one of the best Fusion Asian resturants in the gulf

Its not about the Sushi...if you want that make it at home or go to Japan

Its a true Asian fusion cusine, with some really oustanding Korean/Thai influnced dishes

The lobster with noodles is worth going there by itself

The black Cod is a gift from God, so fucking buttery it makes our local fish seem like dry fish sticks.
Order two portions or you will regret it

Ive tried every cocktail juice they have, and beleive me these are not your oridinary Dahya 3a9eer cocktail mixes, the one with Thai chilli and ginger is perfect - Go ahead and try it ...chicken!

Overall thier food tends to be on the sweet side, fine with me and reminds me of Authentic Thai cooking where sugar is used instead of salt. Like me if you never thought that you will taste something extraordinary in a local restaurant, something that will make you go hmmmm Am I really in Kuwait?? Is this beef really this sweet??
Then you in for a taste buds multiple orgasms

Again Do NOT ORDER SUSHI...THERE IS NO REAL SUSHI IN KUWAIT AND THERE WILL NEVER BE...WE DO NOT HAVE THE LIVE TWITCHING FISH FOR SASHIMI....the sushi you are having and enjoying in restaurants here is baby comfort food invented by 7amood and na9oor and thier sister lolo el miteena so they can eat as much shrimp Tempura as they like in public...without feeling like pigs.

fried shrimp with basmati rice and mayo , rolled with old sea not sushi its obesity
Hashi is nice, loved the decore, but i noticed that its over-priced !

Average check per person was 15 KD !
bint ahmad,
yes, we must ago again. How about this weekend instead of weekdays at least we have an excuse that to pig out and skip the gym? :p

When do you get back?

WÁllah a7san shay 6ala3 min entekhabat 2006 is that ta3araft 3alaikum. Love you girls
What did you try? Truth be told that the Sushi and salad reviews were not on par with the rest of the menu. Heard that the chef was ex- Hakke san and Nobu, is that true? My recommendations: Any of the gingery cocktails, Hashi edemame, assorted dumplings, black cod, bogogy beef (spelling), veal with cashew nuts, shrimp sobi noodles, bannana pudding and jasmine tea.

bo jaij,
thank you for the detailed review! I think we should add tips for Peacock lovers: try the shrimps on toast and the crispy dumplings, followed by any chicken dish, and a strawberry cocktail, then go home and never come back :p

well, this is serious food with serious ingredients. And knowing the history of the owners, they import every single ingredient used in their other eatries, and i doubt that they are not doing the same for Hashi.
houb houb, min wein 6ala3tay Sloggi..!! shakhbaree
I notice that alot of people love to attack restaurants and provide unwarranted criticism. By that, I mean its not in perspective. Maybe they had a bad day I dont know. Ok a restaurant has to be judged on a multiple of aspects and not one. A scoring system is the best. So this is what I think. And that is after several visits.

Decor: It is a nice concept, the elements are all good, but the execution is really bad. I can compare real street graffitti to this one, because this really looks like some guy from Dasman Complex in sharg did it, and has not done it before. The chairs are cool, but impracticle, how about a spinal bone injury? The lighting is not balanced and too much emphasis is given on the open kitchen which really doesnt have much to offer artistically or design wise. The graphic design although has a good manga concept, the inner leaflets didn't show much. Given the interior design and graphics are all relating to Asian youth scene, I would assume that the uniforms reflect such. Instead the uniforms were too generic. Might as well be used at Maki. I would go with torn jeans, japanese manga t-shirts and relevant hair-do's (if possible) 7/10

Food: The first this I noticed that the menu although fusion, lacks a logical flow. Fusion is very difficult to acheive and most of the times lead to confusion. I really dont think there was much fusion in the items itself, just an attempt. Case in point sashimi with black bean sauce. The fish was bruleed with a blow torch which leaves a confusing unwanted taste. The black bean sauce, mmmm its standard off the shelf bottled sauce. The whole order was sent back to the kitchen. The black cod was very good, but then again you can get the same elsewhere, its not a unique dish. Heard the wagyu burger was good, and it certainly was the first time with the shiitake mushrooms and wasabi. That changed the second time I ordered it and it is now just a burger, johnny next door served better. The veal with cashew nuts had the right elements, but the sauce overpowered the whole dish. The duck roll was too salty, and the duck too mashed up that it tasted like mmm something. The cocktails were not bad, but given the Asian influence, it could have been with a little more oomph. Score: 7/10

Price: Expensive. For that amount of money you can have the best meal in the best restaurant in New York City. This is in contrast with the small portions they have. I pay 15KD everytime and go out hungry mmm there is something wrong there. Score: 5/10

Service: Depends on where you sit and when. I have noticed that most restaurants have a chaotic service standard. By the time you leave you will have been served by 10 servers! You dont have a dedicated server that does not happen to be looking at the ceiling or talking to a congregation of servers. Eye contact is important. Hashi is a lot better if compared with Maki (Marina Waves, which is outrageous) and Wasabi. Score 8/10

Sheba I think you named a few good items that you loved and forgot about the rest. A few amazing items does not making a restaurant good, but its the consistent quality accross the many items presented.

I think this restaurant has potential.It just needs a little bit more work. All in all I'm glad that someone has original ideas. In the mean time I look forward for improvement in the above aspects so I can go back scratching their doors waiting for them to open.
Sheba !! YEAH WE SHOULD !!!! THURS OR FRI !!?? Am stopping my diet care membership this week.. am only gaining weight doing it !!

I SOOOOOO need to hot the gym... i have put on so much weight since intekhabat!!

Leenish !! Yo Girl !! when you coming back !! Miss YA LOAAAADS !!

Sheba : 7abeebty walla !! Though the results sucked ! You were turely one of its best outcomes !!

Bu Jaij: a9liii !! The Black Cod A9liiiiii !!!

the WAGY WAGU WAWA BEEF ( DUNNO THE NAME ) is amazing too

add to that the Banana dessert...!


Leenish, enjoy London !:P We will go to Hashi this time without you and hit it again as soon as you're back...

Ee wallah one of the greatest outcomes of the past intikhabat was getting to know you girls, you ROCK!
I get back inshallah around the 10th of Sept (still not confirmed though :( bes round about that time)

Enjoy Hashi and lemme know how it goes ;)

btw, did dararee3 fever begin yet?

luv y'all :xxx
importing every ingredient ?
i think they buy 99.9% of their supplies from a Local supplier such as Alzaad Company or Protien Company.
Hashi is a japanese restaurant with a twist, if you pay attention to the dishes, you would see that they've incoporated some of Nino's recipes and sauces into it. :)
hehe i love how this is going

Thank you for the amazing review. I think you're absolutely right and not bias. But I am. I love the place, i love the burgers, i love the surprises in every dish i've ordered. The noodles, the rice, etc. You're right about the cashew veal being overpowered by the sauce-- and i agree 100% about the lack of consistincy. Wain Ramsay 3anhum!

Bint Ahmed,
When do you finish work today?

dararee3 fever did not begin, i guess they wait for the immigrating money to come back to town

Miss & love you both lots

(yabeela the green rice with red chicken from intekhebat days)

hehe no wonder we lost, we were too busy eating lol
as far as i know they imported everything for bredz and they still import everything for Johny Rockets (but thats a franchise).

As for the nino sauces lol that was funny

Do you know if the frozen meet we buy like Kobe beef burgers or the frozen ready meals are kosher - 7allal? And what are the legal issues behind non-hallal meat in Kuwait?
sammay 3alaih eseer 7alal
Sheba like they say "someone's junk is someone elses treasure" :p As for the the for the frozen Kobe Beef Burgers, theyr are actually Australian Wagyu, which has no comparison to Kobe, which comes from Japan. As for it being halal, i doubt it. There is no law in Kuwait stipulating that it should be halal. Being Halal in meats does not mean 7aram for anything that isint. Like geo said just sammay and youre fine to eat.

LOL! after writing the comment i was like DAMN, people might get me wrong! Ofcourse I didn't, I'm just encourging you to go back to working out... even skinny people need to work out on a regular basis ;P
HMmmmmm!!! Just read the comments, HHHmmmmmmmmmm!!! AAAha!! That's it!

Working hours are non stop ! I actually just read your comment !! I guess its 7oobat Leenish :P

7aleleeena Leenish, afterall you are in London !!!


HaHa !!

Sheba ! Yalla set a date ! not sun or mon tho..

Hmmmm, what else !?!?!?!? I just knew that Kobe beef is Wagyu ... Hmmmm No wonder it tastes so good !!

Sammay darling Sammay ! Kila 7alal !! Wa eNama el a3mal Bil Neyaat !!
Im7aleleen im7aleleen, gooo 3alaikum bil3afyaa...
Exactly who knows how long Ill be here!! takhayelay nothing with you on board just your wallet and passport! and for babies mom has to taste the milk before getting on board! But you cant blame them!
Enjoy Hashi ;P
what the hell is hashi?

i heard a lot about prague..different reasons

devinora + bronzer.. mmm did we talk about this at some point??

you look younger than me by the way..not to mention that i feel older than you

yes.. me too actually

no work.. dont feel like going back come to think of it

granny undies.. Allah yr7amha

miss you.. call me
Hashi is awful common
I barely ate when i went on tueday
GYM is a must try to work out early morning
prague is amazing but racist ?! i dont know about that
again, importing ingredients is false info.unless waleed told you so personaly !
what do you usually eat at Hashi's ?
Hehe, yeah '3areeba,

The first person amongst 12 that say she liked Hashi :P

Love the random thoughts! Sloggi!! God Bless :P
still havent gone to the gym & still wearing sloggi :>

I think whether you go to the gym or not determines what under wear you wear
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