Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thank Israel for The Recipe for a World of Bloodier Terrorists

Israel defies humanity, the Red Cross, the United Nations, the European Community, and the United States of America.

Hezbullah's motives behind the kidnap of the 2 Israeli soldiers seem quiet obvious as Iran and Syria watch the rape of Lebanon on CNN.

The whole Combo sucks !!!
Israel, US and the UK on one hand, Hizb Allah, Iran and Syria on the other...!

Its all very really sad, having to use lebanon as a ground to their war !!!

Its heartbreaking !
i like your combo metaphore, reminds me of TGI Friday's dish with a cocroach on the side.
كلامج صح
لكن مو جنج وايد متأخرة على هالحدث يعني الموضوع من 12/7/06 وتوج تكتبين عنه
وسلامتج :)
3 weeks has past now. war still going on, pinned infront of the TV all day watching the news, Arabic news channels, English news channels, i even came up with few games.....

try saying Hezballah backwords !

or pronounce Hezballah they way Americans do KHizbooolah
what a recipe, nothing is missing..
the perfect crime
Honestly Sheba, I never hated Bush nor blaire, even when they decided to enter Iraq, I thought it was necessary and I still do, but after what's going on in Lebanon, they disgust me, especially that wicked witch Rice. No word can describe whats going on better than the "Rape" of Lebanon as you named it. God save them inshaAllah.
Thank you all for your comemnts, all i know is this is not good for Kuwait and its extremely bad for the USA, i hope George Bush wakes up and sees the bigger picture.

Btw, where the hell is HAMAS & al-Qaeda in all this? Isn't this their holy chance? Or is it easier getting malls and business offices?!

ok I'm here
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