Friday, September 29, 2006

Ramadan Ads

My favorite:

My Least Favorite:

What are yours?

The MTC one is stupid! STUPID.

Ah, needed to get that one out of my chest.

The ABK one is stupid too, the one with Bashar Al-Shatti.

haven't seen Soug Al-salmeya one yet.
alwataneia invesments, and least: MTC
It would be so cool to see Ramadaan ads, i live in South africa so no islamic ads ;(. Love readin ur blog by the way, check out my blog,im still a virgin blogger lol
shoppy, i didn't see the bashar one, 7asafa

judy, i liked National investments too, except that they are so far from the truth, the company has ZERO transparency!

will try to find a few for you online to watch :) Welcome to my blog and thank you for your lovely comment :)
I didn't see your ads.. bas feeh mosalsal ythayyeg el9ader

sad nafsi!

ill check the ads and comment ASAP
ho 3mooman i like d3ayaat MBC
walla 7aseeeit petro-net wayed creative
دعاية الام تي سي طريفة وتونس مو شينة على الاقل افضل من المسلسلات الي تذاع فيها وحتى دعاية بشار مع الاهلي حلوة اما سوق السالمية فاحساسي انها دعاية للهنود .
The MTC Ad has a fun nice flavor to it. I like it :)

and I second nice, Souq salmiya a7es-ha malat Hnood. :/
my favorite is VIMTO,they guy that plays the son who showed up after a long time is HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT !

my worse was Haleema Magic Ad., dunno where the magic is, since haleema showed up already in full makeup !
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