Sunday, October 29, 2006


I've always loved bikes, and guys on bikes, and i have this fantasy that has to come true before i die I WANT TO RIDE WITH A STRANGER. Is that weird?

I was at Marina Cresent the other day to pick up my share of Krispy Kremes and there they were, lots of bikers, but all scary/pervy looking.

Mind you i have seen hunkie ones, but i'm way too shy & scared to do it. Maybe i will get the courage some day!

aaaaaaaaah !! what a fantasy !!

you know, one of Global EVP's drives a Harley !!
A group of 50 year old managers/friends that drive their harley at 6 am !!

give me a buzz if you are interested :P
Someone's been watching too much of Grease 2 ;)
bint ahmad,

shasawee ib 50 yr olds!


reading this post I kept hearing "The Joker" by The Steve Miller Band...

that alone is bliss !!
Oh my Goog , i have the same fantacy but with a harly :)
i would anything just to get my dream come true , help me 2 :(

bint Ahmad , i want to do it ..
do it do it ,no retreat no surrender :P

Men in their 50's !! like grls in their late 20's early 30's Rockin Babe !!!

Meet me in Soug Al Safat, B2 at 7.30 Am :p
عندي وانيت احمر ما ينفع ؟
خو فنتاسي فنتاسي شكلي فيها للممكن :-)
bint ahmed ,
are you talking serious ??
if you are interested ... i could be
bint ahmed :
absloutly im interested
Bint Ahmad,

we3, not into old guys
SHeba thinks he is ugly.. so its over..!

Sheba :
you wanted a harley... i offered what i have :p
bint ahmed,
so sweet of you, really ;)
a custom bike with very loud pipes, with a guy wearing a black helmet with his arms showing, won’t do it? (click me) :P
the don,

Thanks for the offer.

1. thats too much skin for my taste on a bike
2. maku mukan for me on your bike!
Beware. When I last took my then 3 yr old daughter on a bike ride without proper seating (her, not me) – you know Italian style à la «ladri di biciclette» (a film) – in front of me sidewise I nearly killed myself. We "hit the road", cobblesone, head front, I broke my neck, she got just a bruise. So do this in the sand desert only ... Fully recovered, yours
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