Sunday, October 29, 2006

Krispy Kremes

I thought this was going to be another complaining post about how Americana ruins everything, even the heavenly Krispy Kreme doughnuts, until i found this blog:

Glocalization of an American icon: Krispy Kreme
Krispy news:
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. has awarded franchise rights to a Kuwaiti restaurant company, the
Americana Group. Under the agreement, Americana Group is to open 100 Krispy Kreme (NYSE: KKD) locations in Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other locations in the region. The first location is scheduled to open in Kuwait this fall.
“We are looking forward to introducing Krispy Kreme and the hot doughnut experience to our customers in the Middle East,” Marzouk Nasser Al-Kharafi, chairman of the Americana Group, said in a news release. “In full partnership with Krispy Kreme, we intend to be successful in our region by building on Krispy Kreme’s superior brand, which our customers will come to appreciate and embrace.”

Apparently, the American TV commercial has this as a tagline: "Americana...100% Arabic"


Well, this took the thunder of my complaint, but i still have to say it, the doughuts smell like frying oil, and the glaze is too thick (they probably insisted on using Americana sugar and Dallal oil from KFC).

Oh and in all fairness, the New York Cheescake was very good! I will go back for that one!

اكون صريح معاك انا شخصيا اقدر عائلة الخرافي و الطريقة اللي تدير فيها شركاتها

يعني هم ماشاءالله بالبزنز ممتازين لكن للأسف دخولهم للمعارك السياسية و طريقة معالجتهم للخلافات السياسية أساءت لهم قليلا

عموما الله يوفق مرزوق و أمريكانا و الى المزيد من النجاح

انا شخصيا من عشاق كريسبي كريم من أيام التفليسة بأمريكا

آخر الشهر كوّد بهالدونت حق التوفير
kila ma6goog,

My complaint is not about the Al-Kharafi family, inspite of what you maybe thinking, but it is a direct and continuous complaint over the masri style (short cuts & lack of hygiene) management Americana (which involves many other families and shareholders as well).

And Happy Halloween
*of Americana

Oh & if you do not believe me, please ask the doctors at Emiri what their first question is for stomache ache patients!
and they were too big ba3ad
Finally! Someone who agrees with me!!

They were sweeeeeeeeet as hell!
I thought something might happen to me cuz of hyperglycemic attack! I literally coudlnt eat anything for the rest of the day.
نظيرة اقل قدر من المصروفات اكبر قدر من الارباح شعار امريكانا
فالدهن الي يقلون فيه يمكن الحين تحت نظر الشركة الأم لكن بعد شهر يستخدمون زيت النخيل جص ينزلونه من التنك مثل كنتاكي
ويستخدمونه مليون مرة
مع اني ذقت الدونات وعجبني وننطر لين الرقابة الامريكية تخف ونشوف شلون حزتها :)
Its the name Krispy Kreme

It should be written : Crispy Creme

Q : Did they change from C to K

just to match with the Khurafi ?
مبروك اللوك الجديد لايق عليج :-)
thank you nice :)
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