Wednesday, October 25, 2006


At 34 i can actually taste and feel myself bloom into a wiser, sexier, and smarter version of me. I love it.

Not only do i know more, but i can also sense more.

I can also stand prouder for what i believe in, not caring about peer or social pressure.

I am not afraid.

I am not only comfortable in my own skin, i love my own skin.

you've reached peace with yourself.


Eid Mubarak, Sheba
i was always told that 30 is the perfect age, and now u telling me its 34.... i dont believe i ahve to wait some more :(

PS: next month is my 27th BD and im soo sooo scared :(
You have been 34 for 3 years now!

Allah ebarik feek. How have you been?

hmm 31 is the age of perfection for women, i yet have to find out what it is for men ;p

3ad ligait min et-chatheb 3an 3umrha. Oh but you maybe right, cuz i always subconsciously add a yr to my actual age, so i might have been thinking and saying i'm 34 while i was 33.

Oh & in case anyone is wondering, i turn 35 in Jan. Now thats scary!
no, 35 in Jan is interesting.
احساس المراة في عشرينياتها يحسه الرجل في ثلاثيناته
اعتقد انه الرجل بين 35 و 40 هو القمة
والمرأة بين 25 و 30
قد تتجاوز بعض النساء ذلك وكل حسب حالته
يتبقى العقلية فلا حدود ونوازن بين طيش الشباب وحكمة الالشياب
purg, how so?

nice, mu ma3ana bil kha6
or is it 3al kha6
GOD how long I've been waiting to grow....
cute! don't worry, you'll get there, and don't miss out on all the new things you can do at every age.
ادري بس شي في بالي وقلته :) ممنوع :)
انا ابو الخط لكن حاطة علينا :)
I will just wait and see in January.
nice, ee shwaya

purg, ok
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