Monday, October 23, 2006

Retail Therapy

LCD Tv, Dior, jewelry, furniture, etc..

Does retail therapy work? Yes.

How does it work?
1. Its a statement saying "if i cant have love, i can go to Salhiya" This feeling of achievement overwhelms your feeling of loss for 20 minutes if you spent KD 4000.

2. When your cards stop working at your last destination, your feeling of extreme embarrassment will also overwhelm your feeling of loss for 7.6 minutes.

3. When you get your sms bank statement, you get dumbfounded for 2 minutes as if it was someone else who has been using your card.

Total time achieved of pain relief: 29.6 minutes

ahhahhahah sooooo true!
viva le retail therapy!
but come on, it lasts for the entire season, when you get to wear all the fabolous designer items you bought..

its like opportuity cost, darn! just remembered my economics class :S
Yeah :/
I made a BIG mistake yesterday, or should i say mistakes?
extinct :)

baroque, it seems you are haunted by your economics class!

delicately r, i want to know about your mistakes!
Works for me, but the rush wears off right after I oh-so-delicately place my new items in my closet.

Then it's off to find another victim, or in my case of shopping splurges victimSSs!

It's a repeated cycle, you keep goin at it over and over again because the adrenaline shopping rush is only temporary...that's why it's an addiction.
just excellent
better yet, when you charge on your visa and your payment eats up all your salary, you go numb, no pain whatsoever :)
stay safe and enjoy life
السلام وعيدج مبارك
ترى صفحتج يبيلها نيو لوك شكلها اقل مما نتوقع منج
معقولة شغلتج الجديدة ماخذه وقتج هالكثر
وبعدين انت ما تردين على التعليقات عيل ليش نقرالج ونعلق :)

I read your comments, but i don't always have something to say in reply. But every single comment and visitor is appreciated :))

Eidik embarak too :))
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