Wednesday, January 03, 2007

on the killing of Saddam, bint ahmed said...

Do you know what i wanted ? I wanted him to suffer.. i wanted him to have a slow slow slow slow death, seeing every bit and peice of his body being cut out.. centimiture by centimiture..How i got the news ? I was asleep.. i wake up on a msg from an sms from a friend, congratulating me !! I was in dubai, i run down the stairs at 9 am to see my grandparents and mom all wrapped around TV watchin the news ! i couldnt believe it! I was hooked.. Kept watching.. Till they announced that within minutes they will show the last few sec's before his execusion.He Shows up !! Dressed up very elegantly.. His head up high .. trying to hide his fear !! But his eyes screamed !! HE LOOKED SCARED !! AAAAGH ! the bastard .. they cut the scene.. and another scene pops up... My father, my pride ! i was in tears.. killing him was not enough .. killing his whole family .. his country .. burning IRAQ alive would never be enough ! Nothing will ever be enough to what he did to me .. my brothers.. my mom.. my family.. Am not selfish.. but am thinking of ME now ! let alone what he did to our country our people ! Killing him is not fair ! He should've lived to suffer .. to see his pride in the mud... to be humiliated.. Years and years of trials will never be enough... yet .. i wanted him to suffer .. like we did...16 years without a father .. times that by 10, 100, 1000 is the least that he'd deserve to be punished..We shut the Tv.. We go out .. enjoy the day .. or atleast try to.. Am back at home by 2am.. watch the news.. this time HE IS DEAD .. i see his body wrapped in plastic.. i only see his face.. that bastard.. i wished i had the chance to kill him with my own hands.. with my fingers being digged into his neck like my dad did to one of his soldiers back in prison before they murdered him.. Sheba, i couldn't sleep that night.. the movie was playing in my head .. 7 years with my dad...16 years after he was gone.. was it fair ??was executing him now enough ..?enough for the pain, loss, tears we cried, moments we missed our loved ones ? wasn't it too soon ..? didn't he deserve more ? wasnt he supposed to be hung alive in an open space with us all around him throwing rocks at him .. seeing him suffer.. ?Damn ! Damn that Judge ! Damn the Ameircans ! Damn Iraq ! Damn KT for not even giving the event eny importance. ! HOW COULD THEY FORGET HISTORY ! Not even History .. what happened was reality .. something NO ONE NO KUWAITI COULD GET OVER OR NOT REMEMBER FOR A DAY ... They deleted it from the educational courses.. and now .. they barely mentioned the news...aaaaah ! was it worth my dad's blood !! i want an answer !

take a deep breath.

I will never forget that your fathers blood brought us peace, i will never forget that iraq killed millions even though they say 138 only.

Listen... relax.. and re-write this post,.. make it emotional and strong and send it to the UN. For the blood your father poured
Bint ahmad, Kuwait is worth your dad's blood. But Saddam is not worth the way he was killed. I was pissed too. I was on vacation and a friend called telling me the news. I didn't want him dead either. I wanted hin to suffer for years and years.

Why kill him now? they think by doing this the country will be politically stable. yeh right.

But what happend happend and there is nothing we can do about it.
One more thing,

Trust that Allah bil punish him better than any human will do, trust that due to our hate and that none are wishing him peace upon his death he will never rest until "yoom il qeyama"

Trust that he will be in grief and pain, he will suffer for what he did to your little heart, family, me, my family, my friends, my fathers grave, and oh how many other peoples that would take me a whole post to write them down.

I believe in one important thing that when he will be in hell burning an begging to be out of it, you and your father will pass by safely from hell and laugh at him... and all that you have in your heart will be relieved.

Believe in Allah, he is better than any humans kill.

Then think again, your father is lucky, he will be in Heaven,, he will help you guys be in heaven too... what more do a human being wants?
Believe me, he didn't get a quick death or quick end from suffering. He got a quick entry to 3athab el qabur and hell. No matter what happens to him alive, it is not even comparable to what he is facing now. Remember that suffering while alive lessens suffering when dead. It is better that he is dead and now he has no chance of asking for forgiveness.
shopaholic q8eya:
I know it was, though i have my doubts sometimes. And i know that there is nothing that we can do about it now.. but i am just grieving my loss.

judy abbott:
Thank you :) & thanks for the advice.

i believe it would take me books and books to write to the UN just to describe how i feel towards the loss of my dad.

Every kuwaiti family has suffered.. a loss of a friend, a family member or so.. But as i said.. what i wrote was about me.. how i felt towards what had happened.
I do have great faith in god, i believe that saddam will be burned in hell.
What i feel now is really difficult to describe. The more I grow up the more i realize the size of my loss. I am proud of my dad, proud of what he did to his country, proud of his courage, his strength and love to his land. But when i come to think of it now, i wish he was here. Even though i know that he is around us, looking down at us and supporting us.. but i still want him back. I miss him now more than i ever did before. I miss him not being here on my graduation day, i miss him taking me to and back from school, i miss him treating me like his princess, i miss those days. I feel bad when i see my brothers. They have no memories with him, they were kids. I miss him not being here to see them grow up. Do you know how it feels to see them, grow up with no memories of their father..? them hearing about him from us, his family, from people- yet them not knowing him ..? not remembering how much he loved them and cared for them. I have had my share atleast, but they didnt.

I belive in god. in his will, and that everything that has happened was how god wanted it to be.

But its still hard you know ..? The hell with saddam, how he will suffer, thats not how i think if it now. i want my dad now.. i dont want to wait, i want him back, for today for tomorrow. He is in heaven-he is happy am sure of that, but thats not what i want now. you know, i'd rather have him with me now.. and for me to go to hell later, bit have him here now.
It might sound selfish or childish to you or to anyone else, but now, more than ever i realize how much i want him back. Why did it have to be him ?

I dont know what to say .. i miss him i want him back ! I miss his voice, i miss him taking care of me, i miss pamperin me, i miss getting jealous of my mum if he's payiing attention to her and not to me. I want that back..even though i know its impossible.

Am sorry. Am out of words.

And Sheba, Thanks babes :**
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thank you !
but as i said.. i miss him now more than ever.
Saddam.. 7arrag illi y7arga.. he deserves it yeah .. bs mabreddat 7arrety !! nothing will ever ease the pain.. if they hung him 100 times.. it wont ease the pain ! nothing will ever do

Sheba: 7abeebty am sorry !! am being very emotional about it :S
بنت أحمد:

الحمدلله على كل حال,,
أحييتي فينا ألم كادت أن تمحوه السنين,
ولكن حرقة قلبك,,
وأختيارك لكلماتك,,
كان كفيلا بأعادة فيلم الغزو في مخيليتي,,

بنت أحمد,,
دم والدك لم يضيع هدرا,,
والدك فدانا وفدى الكويت بدمه,,
كلنا بنات أحمد,,
لست وحدك!!

والدك شهيد الكويت وشهيد حب الوطن,,

ثم أن اعدام ذلك الكلب
لم يكن جزاءه كاملا,,
جزاءه يوم أن يلقى الله سيكون أشد وأصعب,,

ثم من قال أن أحد بأستطاعته أن يمحو التاريخ,,

محو التاريخ ماهو الا تخاذل وجبن,,
نعم نحن نسمو على جراحنا ولكننا لا ننسى تاريخنا!!!

لأن التاريخ غالبا ما يعيد نفسه!!
والله يستر من هالجيرة,,

تحياتي وقبلاتي لك ولشبة:)
Bint ahmed:
I just read your reply on the comments,,
I am in tears and feel like hugging u!!!!!
umbaii bint ahmad! i criued so much i think i'll be puffy eyed for work tomorrow :(

love you 7abeebti xxxxoooo
Welcome back dear .. cant wait to see you :)
Thank you darling, thanks for your kind words !!!

Am sorry sweety :**

Sheba & Amola: I miss you both... Tomorrow- Group Hug !!

was executing him now enough

سؤال بسيط, و الجواب هو لا و ألف لا, و أي موته أو أي اعدام لن يكفي و يطفيء النيران المشتعلة في قلوبنا جميعا و قلبك خصوصا

العلة ليست في التوقيت أو طريقة الاعدام, العلة هي في الشخص

والدك كان رجل حق, رجل اسطورة كما قلت لك سابقا

اكتبها مرة أخرى هنا

كثير من الأبطال يستشهدون من أجل وطنهم
كثير من الأبطال يواجهون الخطر من أجل بلدهم
لكن قليل جدا من الأساطير من يكون بعيدا عن الخطر لكنه يصر و يكافح و يجتهد للذهاب بنفسه الى الخطر ليحاربه و يدافع عن وطنه و يستشهد ليقيم الحجة و يثبت حالة فريدة لا تتكرر كثيرا في تاريخ الأمم

قلت سابقا و أكررها الآن, والدك كسر عيني و عين كل كويتي يفكر في التخاذل أمام واجباته اتجاه هذا البلد, صورة والدك و نظرته الثاقبة أو خزته تراقب كل شخص يخون و يتقاعس امام خدمة هذا الوطن

والدك و بقية الشهداء خلقوا قيمة مضافة لحب هذا الوطن و التضحية من أجله

لذلك فقتله أو مماته سواء كان على يد صدام او في حادث سيارة أو حتى و هو نائم بالفراش شيء مؤلم و يزعل كثير من الناس و يطعمهم المرارة

أما بالنسبة للمجرم صدام فهو صاحب تاريخ دموي لا تعوضه أي موته سواء تعذب بها أو لم يتعذب لذلك فأنا مرتاح اليوم لوجوده تحت الأرض

كما قلت في البداية طريقة الموته ليست هي المهمة , الأهم هو من الشخص الذي يموت و السبب أو الغاية التي مات من أجلها

هنا الفرق

أما بالنسبة لسؤالك الآخر, فما اعتقد ان السؤال يحتاج جواب

الكويت ام الخير و تستاهل كل شي و أي شي و حمدالله أن الشهيد مات و هو بالقمة و لم يمت و الناس تدعي عليه متى الله ياخذه و نفتك منه مثل كثير ممن هم حولنا اليوم

الله يصبرك و يصبر الأهل و اللهم ارحم شهدائنا الأبرار و غمد أرواحهم جنة الخلد

Saddam isn't even wortha pig's blood. But your father's blood saved Kuwait along with others. His blood gave our families freedom, it also gave me a chance to live a safer violent-free enviroment!
what i dont understand is who the hell erases history!! shino ya3ne yshloona min elmanahij! its absurd!! wana ehny in kuwait i had to study about the world wars, americas civil wars, o the british wars, and to think that i dont get to study my countries own war!!
i angers me so much! it is our right infact our OBLIGATION towards those people who shed their blood for this country that we remember this war and keep it alive for generations to come!
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