Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sales Person Follow-up or Foul-up?

I hate persistent sales people when they call to follow-up and they ruin it for themselves by over calling. Don't they know that that can result in a default ignore? If i was once interested in your product, i am no longer interested in your custom!

Any sort of marketing over the phone is annoying in my opinion :/
Yup, i agree with 3baid.
كثر الدق يفج اللحام!!!

ملكة الدق:


كل يوم مسج صباح الخير!!!
غير التليفونات!!
خزنت كل أرقامهم علشان ماأرد,,,

وهم تطلع لهم أرقام يديدة

محد يصك عليهم!!
Hello 3baid & delicately realistic - nawar il blog :)

I agree with 3baid too

akeed al-ostoura
la wala ana i disagree ya sheba,w amal wala el oustoura everytime send me an sms and keeping me updated 3ala el latest collection, wala ya habibti ana 2a7eb el fashion w nshala dayman yraslouni badal ma anzal il souq 3al fadi

: ) right?!
come on, wala ana a7ebhom, ya dana ma3ak hag, w kaman homma bas 2eli ma ya3emloun takhfid 90% zay Villa Moda :S btw el sms minhom ya3ni respect minhom :)))
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