Saturday, March 24, 2007

So How Was Your Weekend?

1st, i would like to apologize for not writing so often, but the secret is that i keep forgetting my new blogger username & pass!

2nd, i am so old now that i cannot keep track of my weekends. I remember lunch with a friend, walking, and visiting a friend at Royal Hayat (WOW what a place). I am really considering a laproscopy or something just to sleep there and get Bunyan tree food and treatment!

3rd, I upset another friend because i was questioning her decision to specialize in photography rather than a general fine arts degree (i'm not evil i swear, i just wanted to know that she is serious about a career in photography).


1- Not an excuse ... passwords are stored now automatically

2- Can I get a room there without performing any they have PS3 and Plasma screens?

3- She should study fine arts first...then think of majoring in photography or anything else
Photography is a hobby, not a career, and a career in photography nowadays does not have the glamour it used to have a few decades ago, I think you did the right thing.
1- Welcome back :)

2- Banyan ;)

3- Photographers can earn as much as "artists" or those specialized in arts, if money is what you mean. "Photography is a passion", I say that often, and a career too. What's better than having your passion as your career?

If we come to think about it, some people may be sitting on chairs... counting money (bankers for example... no offence) writing/typing and draining themselves to "beg" or persuade a client to get a loan... even if he/she doesn't need it. My point is that there are far many careers that sink anyone into routin, dullness and less self-satisfaction.. or none.

So, to clear things, if a career like photography can fulfill someone's dream, give him/her self-satisfaction, sufficient and increasing money resources... then what's wrong about it?

Nevertheless, you & I may agree that a general fine arts degree can keep options available for the "hard time", while photography or any other similar specialization keeps us attached to a single option/field.
bo jaij,
1. I always ask that blogger remembers me, but it doesn't.

2. They have 40" Sony LCDs :))

bo jaij, purg, I ain't going to comment on my friends education because it would upset her further.

1. Thank you :)
2. Thank you :))
3. I am not concerned at all about earning potential of my friend as a photographer. And i totally believe in following your dreams to the last inch.
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