Thursday, July 12, 2007

مجلة سمر للقصص المصورة

whatever happened to that?

ايهي الي توزع مع الوطن ؟
ورق مصقول وصور فقط ماكو مواضيع
من وين طالعة؟

أكو بعد مجلة ريما

I just read your very lengthy post to my sisters.. gave them a good laugh
والله انتي على راسي
ما اظن اكو احد غيرك عرف شسالفة

لا مجلات رومانسية مصورة قديمة
أدري انك شايب وتذكر هلسوالف!
It really is lovely to see you back again Sheba :))

And believe it or not, I remember Samar mag(Courtesy of my slightly younger sister's fluff magazine addiction, who would get it along with "true romance" "tiger beat" and "al-nahtha" because of it's profuse Lady Di photo spreads)
Oh wow,

I remember them from my cousin and my sister. I wasn't into romance or anything.

I have missed you, how are you?
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