Saturday, July 14, 2007

Looking for Christopher Cornell

I feel so so so bad and guilty for the bullying I did from grade 3-6. I feel worst for the bullying of Christopher Cornell. I hope he's okay and he is not damaged from all that I did to him and that he forgives me.

If you know a Chris Cornell born between 1972-1974 and went to the American School of Kuwait in elementary, please let me know.

Thank you,


You were ASK Alumni?
umm, you a bully??
It seems so.


Point is people that you help me find Chris Cornell PLEASE.
I recommend you try facebook, almost everyone is there.
omg .. u were serious hehehe

did u google him?
There are so many chris cornells but I have not found him. The eldest was born in 1980!

of course! I found a few criminals and doctors but i didn't find him
He might have changed his name or had a sex change operation - kidding shouldn't worry that much about your schoolmates/victims having lasting psychological damage, we all got bullied one way or another during childhood.
Both you and Chris learned from the bullying experience - hopefully.
bo jaij,
Allah yesma3 minnik


مو لايق
ما اعرفه

و ولكم باك , ليش ما خبرتينا بعودتج المينونة؟ اقصد ميمونة؟
the don,
صدق I am nice now to compensate for my mean childhood :/

Kila M,
Hello there. ما اعلنت عن عودتي لأني أخاف من العين
how sweet of you
i am sure he's over it by now :) just make sure not to bully any one else in the future
cheer up
يلبس نظاره

white wings,
i hope not to!

nope, he didn't
Good words.
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