Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nicolas Sar Hottie ;)

He looks like the Actor "Leland Palmer"

Leland Palmer
His face is too long - 3alaich bel 3afia :P
bo jaij,
thank you for commenting on this male-sensitive topic, and thank you for putting the link to Leland Palmer. There is a resembelance with Sarkozy, but he's not umm a hottie.

Allah e3afeech :+ Mino thogich?
hehe wala ya sheba nobody is hottie here except you, mashala 3laich day by day you seem to become hotter :)
ettais el ghareeb theory? loool

Thank you for your uplifting comments.

The Don,

hahaha you can say so, but then again who in our gov is 1/2 of the hottie Sarkozy is?

And did you know that unemployment is down since he's come into power?!

Masha'Allah 3elaih!
Sheba... tara i mean it.. you are really beautiful and hot..
Ok you're freaking me out. Please stop stocking me or i'll be rude next time!
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