Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Last Voice From Kuwait by Frank Moore

1990 -- 1991 a very brave amateur radio operator named Abdul-Jabbar Ma'rafi, 9K2DZ, became the last voice from Kuwait. When Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi army invaded Kuwait, Abdul remained on the ham radio at his peril right under the nose of the invaders.

August 2007 a very brave blogger and reporter named Bashar Al-Sayegh,, became the only voice in Kuwait. When the Kuwaiti secret police kidnapped him and held him without charge for 4 days, Bashar became our first new hero since Abdul-Jabbar.

The only voice?

Shda3wa shabshooba, where did all the bloggers go?

As I said at Zaydoun's, the general outcry over the arrests is a good sign. It showed that many people in this country would never tolerate such brutal practices.

And thanks for the video - it illuminates an impotant chapter in one of the darkest moments of our history.

Elmohem, shloonich? Are you as fat as I am ;)
Bashar is one of the very few Kuwaiti bloggers who use their real names and identity

That alone shows us how much courage and sincerity he has. And it reminds us of those Kuwaiti men and women who faced the Iraqi army during the first days of the invasion and lost their lives or were taken as hostages.

Bashar is back and he is blogging more than before. Thats another proof of how patriotic and strong minded he is. Bashar and Jasim gives us hope that there is still a lot of potential in the people and Kuwaitis are still willing and able to sacrifice everything for their country when needed.

How many Kuwaiti voices are willing to go through what Bashar went through?

bo jaij,

thank you!
Many, I still have faith in our youth :)


& Allah ehaneech 3ala tafa2lech :*
Iran is the winner out of all this.

- Real Kuwaiti.
اتفق مع الأخ اللي قبلي

very touching vedio
thats 1 brave man :)

how is Iran the winner?


Yes, it reminds us of what Kuwait and Kuwaitis are made of. :)
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