Thursday, August 09, 2007

Man Paying for a Date

Yes, i know we're in a culture where the man, boyfriend or not, almost automatically picks up the bill, but i'm sure there are exceptions.

Ladies, how do you feel about it?
Men, how do you feel about it?

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a man is a man... this is etiquette, he should know this and do it by nature..

am very typical in that regard.. a man should be aking care of all the payments :p
hmmm.. well yes they gotta pay! Bas I also like to pamper my baby & not let him pay all the time; It's a sharing thing I believe...
when it comes to money.. then they say a man is a man, has to do the man stuff!!

but when for other maters.. then they say wer equal??

if a wman wana pay.. hey! all the power o her ;)
I think it depends, First couple of times the guy has to shell it out, But i believe in that a lady should treat her man out every once in a while :)
I'm shway demanding, i like to eat out several times a week, and go c movies. So I don't like it when the guy pays every single time, cuz I think it's too much (u do the math). Just the first few times, but after that he has to let me grab the check, especially when it's my idea to go to that place.
i'm happy at the number of responses at such short time. I guess the issue has grabbed many of our attentions.

I will save my comment for last!
Even if I insist on paying or splitting the bill on a date, I'll think he's cheap if he lets me. Honestly
A Man must pay regardless if it's a date or not unless if he's invited :)
Ladies, be careful here, there is a thin line between appreciating what a man can do, and taking him for granted.. Thinking it’s typical for a man to pay will make the man feel unappreciated, when he’s taken for granted, the man will think of the motives of such a woman that is using him for everything she wants.. saying a man is a man is not what a man would want to feel from you, it would make the biggest difference to the man if you offer once in a while, it would show him that you appreciate him too, and you are not only after his money, it’s just an advice, so that the man with you won’t start to have the wrong thoughts in his head of the intentions of the woman.

Let me short hand it:
It would be great to offer to help with the bill, so your man don’t feel that he’s taken for granted and that you are only using him for his money..

Ok, this is how i feel:

If the guy is not working yet (i.e. still in school, uni, etc.) then its not fair for the girl to not offer to pay.

If you are both working, then its nice of the woman to offer to pay, but tell him you would like to invite him before the dinner/lunch/coffee date.

If he is a lot older, and/or traditional and will not like that you reach for your purse, then every once in a while, you can buy him something he really wanted.

If you're friends, have a system going where its your turn this time, and his turn next-- or go dutch (which is ok if you're still in school, but tacky when you both earn).
The Don,

Nawar il blog!

Wayed thag khilgy ina you're not posting any more. KInt abi agoolik ina blogging is for YOUR plasure & convenience, and if you feel pressured to produce something good, then thats no fun and it loses its objective. Remember why you first started blogging? You didn't care about others, it was just your space.

As to your comment here, its nice to have your very valid view point, thank you. But i cannot ignore that you assume here that the guy has money, which is not always the case. Does the etiquette differ with a rich guy and a poor guy?
a man should pick up the bill or at least try; but a woman shouldn't just assume that he will, she should also try to pay/contribute.

in the end it's ok if he lets her pay every now and then but he should have the higher tab ;)

my 2 cents
I like to take the bill to all girls. Eve's daughters worth all dimes u spend on them. They are appreciative.
Shibona.. you’re such a sweetheart, thank you for your sweet words.. you made me smile.. See when I started blogging, I was in a different place than now I guess, I had so much to vent out and get out of me, for some reason, I don’t feel the urge of writing any more.. yes it might have been the pressure of wanting to write something decent for the reader, it’s true, but I started having a writer’s block, thinking it would go away, but after few months, I realized it wasn’t gonna go away any time soon.. so I decided to stop, this way, people who would still come to my blog would read my old posts and enjoy them. :) But that doesn’t mean I will stop visiting my friend’s blogs, I’m talking about the old schoolers, the old hefty gang.. those days were fun weren’t they? Anyway, I’ll keep on coming over, don’t worry… and I wish you luck with your new negocio(showing off my Spanish a little :P)

As for what you said, I totally agree with your segregation, but I was more assuming of both are working, maybe I have put my self in this situation, I think rich and poor guys would be considered the same, ya3ni if a guy can’t afford a very expensive restaurant, he shouldn’t take his date to a high $500 a plate restaurant, and hope for her to offer to take the tab.. that would be funny though.. lol

Personally, I am not threatened by woman offering to pay for both of us, but I also won’t sit there every time we go out and let her pay just cos she is offering, I expect the same consideration from her side I guess.. (equal thinking :P)

PS, oh and for the last anonymnous after joud, sorry bro, but when I read your comment it was missing the punch line, I mean the way you wrote it felt like you’re gonna say:
“I like to take the bill to all girls. Eve's daughters worth all dimes u spend on them. They are appreciative. And they have to put out everytime..” loool. I’m kidding, but you could have pulled it nicely like that.. :P
اذا كانت تستاهل يدفع و هو منشكح و سعيد

اما اذا كانت ملوعه جبده فحرام يطلع معاها من الأساس
the don,

lol 3ala putting out comment! And thank you for the lengthy reply (chinna il writers block enfeta7?)

shda3wa kilaha wajba!
The Don,

negocio sounds like a yummie fattening dish :p
اولللا, توني انتبهت اشكثر كتبت.. صج لنكثي
hehe shift ishlon you're ok!
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