Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ms. Baker, Finally!

I finally met one of my all time favorite bloggers: MS. BAKER

What a lady!

ms baker ??
Lucky you!

Ask her what's with the teaser post? :)
We want more.

Which goes out to you too, Sheba
And you yourself are even more of a lady Sheba. One of the loveliest, warmest, most kind and most genuine I have ever had the honor and great pleasure of meeting :*
Are you a newbie?

E wala 7adi ya bakhti!
And sij teaser!

Ms. Baker,
The pleasure and honor was all mine! I will learn a lot from you, most of which is your positive attitude towards life :*
I still want my Ms Baker shirt! :(
How did you find her? Did you know someone who knew her? Or did she find you?

She's a benevolent presence! Lucky you!
الفال لنا انشاءالله

خصوصا و انها صاحبة اول تعليق خالد في بلوقي

يور لاكي
Ok, i'll make wasta for you :p

We're in love

kila ma6goog,
Allah yal dinya! O ana nissait dory fi blogik?


miss ur blog!! mn zamaaaaan wallahhhh ;(
زين شيبا واحنا متى يي دورنا ونلتقي فيج
مع انه كسلي خلاني ما اشوفج يوم تلقين محاضرة بالتطبيقي
على فكرة رمضان على الابواب ومبارك عليج الشهر مقدما وبالطريج شوفيلي القطوة الي يم المسيد شصار عليها :)
tell us more
so, sheboona, you met Ms. Baker (which I am totally jealous of you for doing that), and met me.. hehehe.. ya bakhtich lol

I miss you soo so so so much :( :( :(


white wings,

I was reminded by Ms. Baker that i had once guessed the style/look of some of the bloggers (when we were anonymous) and that i had described her very well. If i find that post, i will let you know :p
the don,

e 7ada ya bakhti, but we never met remember, it was a brief interlude where you thought i was hot without knowing it was me, o bess :p

would have the honor of meeting you!
ألحين رمضان, ما يجوز

lol "am7ag"
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