Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ramadan Tv Commercials

My favorites:

NBK's mascot (our beloved camel) in a space suit!
My least favorites:

All other NBK ads (the camel needs to be respected more!)

What are yours?

Ramadan Mubarak

My favorite ones are the missing (MTC/Chan-Zain) commercials
انا احب دعاية سوق السالمية اللي فيها هندي يغني و يقول

شباب ستايل

ماي ستايل

بنات ستايل
kila ma6goog,

7eta ana a7ebha, bess hathi malat last year!
Ops kila Ma6goog, i apologize, there's a new one, i didn't know :(
haha ok i watched it on www.caviargroup.net

Its good, but I liked last year's better, but will give my final verdict after i eat my lugaimat tonight ;)
The Souk il-Salmiya is my favorite too. It makes me forget that my mouth is full of futoor and giggle hysterically each time it comes on (misakeen ille ga3deen yammi).

(Plus I also know that the director is very brilliant and creative, yistahel! :) )
Ms. baker,

Tha7akteeni wana yo3ana. Which channel? I still didn't see it :/
my fav: 6ash ma 6ash for MBC.. qasam billah na9er o 3abdallah ba3oooha LOL
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