Monday, October 22, 2007

My Stock Picks (from KSE) for 22/10/07

المستثمر الدولي TII

التخصيص KPPC

3nde 10000 can u work it for me?
yes, if you trust me. 3indik raqam tadawel?
I'm intrigued :)

I've got raqam tadawel and put some cash aside, so all I need is the final push.

I have been waiting for that push for over a year now, o mako faida -I'm a chicken :)

Shloonich shabshoobti?

Walhana 3elaich :**

Ok this is what would have happened if you had bought today's stock picks:

TII: Opened at 214 fils, went up to 218, and closed at 214 (no change at closing price but you could have reaped profit had you sold at 218).

KPPC: Opened at 238, went up to 246 fils, went down to 236 and closed at 238.

Advise: 1. Set your buy & sell target price and sell at it (do not let avarice take the better of you).

2. Only day trade if you have the time to buy & sell when the price is right (ye3nee you have to be dedicated to your screen from 9-12:30).

Unfortunately, Sheba does not practice what she preaches :/
اهلين شيبا
ما اعتزلتي الاسهم من عقب ضربة 2006 :) انا تركت شاشة البورصة من ذيج السنة
بس للحين فيه شي اكتتاب وراااه
اكره المضاربة
والفلس فلسين ما تسوى عندي الجهد استثمار افضل
وعلى فرض الواحد عطاج عشرة بشهر شكثر ربهم على طريقتج ؟

As we grow older, we tend to favour longer term and safer investments.

Did you start looking into real estate returns?
لا ما املك اي عقار للحين
كان عندي وبعته للاسهم بالنهاية عقاري القديم دوبل واسمهي نزلت قيمتها :)
لكن الله المستعان
افكر في مشاريع الخيران ارض استثمار بس ناس يقوللولي انطر فيز 3 وفثز اربعة بيصير تشبع .
Count me in with Kila ma6goog. Remember my secret stash I told you about a while ago - my old fashioned ladies savings kitty? Well, it's so underworked it's getting all pale, squishy and flabby. You say when ya Sheba, kil il-thika feech mashallah 3laych :)
nice,& Ms. Baker:
i personally believe that if you're going to buy a chalet, it has to be something that has privacy and is spacious and not far from the sea. In Khiran, that translates into KD 200,000 which i do not think its worth it. I don't think the prices are justified just by the fact that the property is freehold, especially since the lease hold (regular chalets) you can get prime land for that much money and we've never heard of our government confiscating land without a really good reward (tathmeen) so il watheeqa 7ag chalehat malha ay da3i o mateswa il se3er il mubalagh). I also do not believe that there will be saturation with the next 2 phases. Real estate & investment companies have put a lot of cash into these properties and they will not lose money on them, they will actually hold the land until there is a lack of property and then offer it at higher prices than u ever dreamed off, and that would increase everybody's land prices (i.e. individuals). I think its an OK buy if you've invested in 2-3 properties before this one.

As to stocks, you shouldn't put in more than 10% of what you're worth, and should never trade with money you need (my lesson).

Apartments over 100m are an excellent buy. Bank il tasleef ga3d ya36ee il mu6alaqat wil aramel KD 45,000 to buy these properties.

Ms. Baker,
With your money, i would put it in a real estate fund like al-Aqeela's. Minimum subscrption is 1000 units, and its made 40% so far, expecting it to get to 90% by March.

Trade only after you take a basic technical course, i would recommend (if you're seriously interested) that you take one with Mohammed al-Othman from
10% مبلغ هزيل
شلون الواحد يربح اذا يتعامل فقط بهالنسبة
انا اغلب بيزاتي 95% اسهم
يعني على حسبتج راحت علينا
شكلي بالشهرين اليايين بسيل كل شي
ابي عقار للسكنى والله المستعان
Money talk intimidates me!
Basically coz I don't have any.

Shlonich Sheba? :*
il 3aqar abraklek.

the money is in the bank (you can borrow it if you have a worthy investment)
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