Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stock Picks: 28 Oct.

Ayan RE

القرين متى توصل دينار و نص؟ بشتري سيارة يديدة
جات الحزينة تفرح مالأتلهاش مطرح
أكو أحد يعطي ستوك تب ليمان صار المؤشر مليون؟

Right now, you need to be very cautious dear, the market is way up, and just like 2006, it might have a correction, maybe a slightone.. you need to observe the political situations, locally and internationally.. the market is driven by it lately, they are taken advantage of politics to push the market down.. buy and hold blu chip, or liquidate if you made good profit this year.. and just wait for entry signals..

this is my professional opinion..

muchos besos..

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