Tuesday, October 30, 2007

'Tis the Season to Sell

Don't worry, its not the Iran threat nor is it the non-Salafy Parliament.

It is simply November (3 days early) and historically this the when companies and individuals look at price to earnings ratios rather than stock prices and speculation.

Cash your positions. Re-enter in 10-15th of January right into the Banking sector.

من وينلج هالمعلومات ممكن تكونين الادفايسرز لي
بعرف ليش ماكو ميل
Will do Sheba come January or when you say it is a "go".

P.S. That town in Georgia which we couldn't figure out what the name was is Savannah. It came to me at 4:30 AM...
هذا اسم بيت جاسم الخرافي لندن
Good to know ur still blogging :)
مو انا
3eedich embarak Shabshooba :)
خرجت ولم تعد
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