Saturday, March 29, 2008

Election Fatigue


are you running this year?
يا مغرورة
Don't get it

Kila Ma6goog,

We have elections again! (gov. resigned and parliament dessolved again!)
With regard to anon's question:

If you ever do decide to run, I am gonna move to your daa2ira/voting district so I can vote for you.

And your campaign buffets would be mine to make and do. I am nominating myself min il7een for that job ;)

Oo tow il-nas, your election fatigue has only just begun. Wait till we are standing in those messy lines in the heat for hours with lots of overdressed ladies trying to cut in front. And with the 5 merged districts now, imagine the crowd LOL! OMG! (what an old lady whiner I am)
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