Thursday, May 22, 2008

Join the Campaign

This is an opportunity to start our own movement, its objectives are WE LOVE KUWAIT AND NOT OUR POCKETS, OR FOREIGN AGENDAS, SO DON'T TRY TO CHANGE US.

What you gain in signing up: Some Knowledge.

How to sign up: Send a comment to this post.

Volunteers required!

Sign me up

يستاهل بو صباح

مهما قيل عن هذا الرجل...يبقى قويا فى وجه الإستبداد الدينى

رده القوى على خالد السلطان ...و بو صباح رجل معروف عنه بالديبلوماسية...أكبر دليل إن الشيخ ناصر ما راح يترك الساحة للسلف أو غيرها يعبثون كما يشاؤون

برد قلوب الكويتيين
thank you bo jaij, you are member No.1
me me meee !!
can u elaborate more plz.....

و لكن و لكن

thank you for your enthusiasm!


I just like the guy and he's much better than anyone that the Salaf or others are thinking of-- so i wanted to know how many readers like N. al-Mohd too.



Kila M,

Who would you prefer as our Prime Minister (if you were the Emir)?
Amen to that.

After what I read yesterday and an interesting discussion in the most incongruous of places (a ladies newborn reception) I think you may be very right. He is really starting to grow on me.

P.S. Met an extended cousin of yours (very pretty) last night who when I first saw her from afar (stubbornly not wearing my glasses as usual), I thought was you. She could have been your twin!
انفع اصوت؟

miss u dahling xx
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