Monday, September 15, 2008

الرجاء من جميع المتداولين الاكثار من الاستغفار

مستعدين حتى نعتكف بالمسجد لنهاية العام...بس خل يصعد السوق
من وين يايبة هالصورة ؟؟

انتي بتزاكري من ورانا؟
why what did we do ????!!!!!??
Allah yster

eco friendly products.. iskti bas they started charging us 5 p per plastic bag..

M&S is charging 10 p! LOL
bo jaij... أكيد?

ma6goog,,, مصادر خاصة

nanonano>>> نور البلوغ
Dunno what you did, but i'm sure we deserve this ;r

hw hw hw

(Mwah on lips)
lol is this the new thing? :p

i just woke up.. or actually.. received a call from city council at goddamn 9 am.. who the f*ck calls ANYONE at 9 am????????

i dont know how i got to mask my uncracked voice lol.. but i think it worked... and now i have no idea what the woman said.. i hope she'll confirm/followup with an email...

Whats the new thing?

I would like to remind you, you're in the UK now & Ramadan bess 3indina.

Council probably want to remind you of your tax or they're complaining that you have too many garbage bags ;r

Love ya
Zain ashwa il esteghfar fad ;)
hahahaha no i fast here too.. since i technically live here.. even though on a temporary basis

city council.. its not about council tax.. i had to sign a "healthy and safety" insurance form to be allowed to construct my installation in a public space.. then another "event information/description" form, and a "risk assessment" form, and a "statement of intent" form, and lastly a "temporary license for occupation of display" form....

and issue 2 separate 50 pound checks.. one for parking (????) and the other preliminary insurance which will be returned to me once the exhibition finishes.

blah.. typing this gave me a headache... she also booked an appointment with me on Monday 10 AM (6ab3an!) for a "site visit"

wish you could come!
Ashwa ma sharayt!

Bes I lost a tiny bit already :/
I promise i will, just have to figure out when!

Ms. B,
Allah e3awthech insha'Allah!
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