Wednesday, September 17, 2008

يا حلوها

I love this woman!

over rated

Dabdoob is cuter

Bo Shukri FTW
I adore her, with all of what's around her and what is said about her, she did make it! she is smart :)
تحياتي لام فواز
لكن ما قلتي السبب ؟

Maha al-Ghunaim, Global's founder and now Chairman. Global is one of the most successful investment companies in the Gulf.

ma6goog, me7tar?

bo jaij, bu Shukri 3ad?

q80-chill girl,
What is said about her?

For everything that she is, for her success, for her charm & charisma, for everything that she is not.

P.S. Tara ma a3arfha shakhsian.
No matter how well global is doing i still regard it as a sad thing for kuwait seeing that they handpick the people who work there based on their family names. sad.
anonymous, i know its annoying & frustrating but thats how investment selling is usually done, almost anywhere in the world.

what ma6goog said and what they anony said too :D that she got there just because of her family's name and connections, and that she is over rated.

and what anony said is exactly what made me go away from the investment sector, true hard workers with simple family names make it in rare cases but the risk of being the "overworked nobody" is there :>
She is an excellent role model for other Kuwaiti business women.

She's actually under rated. She founded, and is running one of the most successful investment houses, world-wide.

Her brothers have a food chain, Chillies, so she's the successful one, and it is all to her credit.

She's charismatic and successful.

As to who gets to work in investment banking, its actually very true, world wide. It's about connections.

Ms. Baker,

I'm glad you think so!
she must be really strong mashallah,, people like her make you take a gooood look at yourself when u face a lame problem at work then moan about it alll week long
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