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GIRLS: Judge a book by its cover

Key Words: Friends of Winter have portrayed Arnold as obsessive, possessive and jealous. An acquaintance just divorced her husband because he was not jealous, obsessive & possessive, she says "she doesn't feel he is a man if he isn't all that" look where is got Kerry Winter (may God rest her soul in peace).:

Missing woman murdered, dumped in sea
by Dylan Bowman (ARABIAN BUSINESS.COM) Saturday, 20 September 2008

PRISON CONFESSION: Arnold (left) has admitted to killing former lover Winter (right). (Supplied)The British ex-boyfriend of missing South African Kerry Winter has admitted to murdering the 35-year-old and dumping her body in the sea off Dubai's coast.

Winter disappeared a month ago and was last seen by neighbours being beaten with a baseball bat by her ex, bundled into a car and driven away.

Mark Arnold, 42, had previously admitted to the assault, but maintained he cleaned up her wounds and dropped her off on the side of the road in the desert, according to the victim's family.

However, in an interview from his prison cell with UK newspaper the Daily Mail Arnold has finally confessed to battering his former love to death during "30 seconds of madness".

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"It was 30 seconds of madness... I think I hit her three times... she died because of me," he told the newspaper.

"It was a total accident. I am not a violent man and I am not a murderer. It was an accident but she died because of me and I am willing to take my punishment.

"I am prepared to admit to the truth but I do not want to be fitted up."

Arnold, director of a Middle East design company, told the newspaper he and Winter bumped into each other in a bar on Aug. 20, the night of her disappearance, and got into an argument.

Arnold said he then followed Winter home and the pair got into a fight outside her apartment. During the fight he said he hit her with a stick a few times, but denies it was a baseball bat.

Arnold said after the fight the pair drove off to a quiet spot to talk and ended up falling asleep there. When he awoke she was dead, he said.

"When I woke up, she was dead. I was horrified, so scared. I can only think that she had a thin skull or something like that because she was okay when we got in the car," he told the Daily Mail.

"I was scared. I tried to cover my tracks and put Kerry on my boat and left it anchored off shore.

"I returned after work and drove around for four or five hours and ended up putting Kerry's body into the sea. I do not know where. I wish I had never gone anywhere near the villa. I wish I had swallowed my pride and my anger."

However, despite the confession Arnold may only face a charge of manslaughter unless police recover the body.

"Our legal advice is that if they don't find a body, he may only face a manslaughter charge and a lower sentence. He's got a top lawyer and may be thinking about that," Winter's brother Kurt, 41, told the newspaper.

"He has changed his story all along and spoken hogwash. We have prepared ourselves for Kerry's death but we won't rest until we find her body."

Arnold was arrested after returning from a trip to the UK. He flew to the UK two days after Winter disappeared.

Friends of Winter have portrayed Arnold as obsessive, possessive and jealous, and said Winter had accused her ex-boyfriend of stalking her and that she was forced to move home three times.

That's sad.. Alla yerhamha.

Jealousy is annoying.. One of my most used excuses to end something.

Sheba! How are you?
Write more often please.. I miss the old days of blogging :/
Should have stabbed him with her keys

يا سفا بها والله
Alpha males are jealous, and have more testosterone than the average male (thus potential murderers). This is my summation :r

I'm good alhamdula! I would love to write more, but it seems when ever i have something to write about, i'm in bed and too lazy to get up.

Intay shakhbarich!!?

I don't think she had a chance :(
Allah yer7amha & efukna min kil shar!
sad story

allah yr7umha

I'm thinking of the impact that this would do the the Emirati people, Dubai people,,,, already with all of this architecture its loosing its identity, now this and many more crimes. I felt sick after reading it, poor thing

on an other note, its not only jealousy its what ever makes you feel that this man is NOT right should make you get out of it before its too late, I hate it when women tolerate with BIG personality issues [lying - gealousy - cheating - etc.] and give in for love or what they think that is love! if he does not change for you then he's not in love.... UGH el khabar ey7uurr
Poor, poor thing.

So many times, smart women ignore the CLEAR IN YOUR FACE SIGNALS that there is something seriously wrong with a man, and put up with all these scary signs or things about him "for the sake of the relationship" or the sake of "having someone", and in the hopes that he will see the error of his ways and change for her.

He won't. It never happens. Jealousy or possessiveness is not love. A man or woman who clearly has serious psychological or pathological issues will not change for you EVER - dont even kid yourself. It is who they are and they cannot help it. They will always be that way, always. They are who they have been in the past, their patterns repeat and repeat.

Sometimes a woman who is abused or used to a cycle of abuse gets herself into these things and mistakes them for love when they ARE NOT. It is sickness. She needs to GET OUT before it's too late.

Thanks for posting this Sheba.
Ms. B,

7ayach :**
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

انفراد حصرى
اول شبكه قنوات الكترونيه فى الشرق الاوسط
اول بث مباشر وحى على شبكه الانترنت
(شبكه قنوات توت امون)
شمس الفضائيات تغرب وشمس الانترنت تشرق
القناه لازالت فى مرحلة البث التجريبى
مـــؤســس الـقـنـاه
الاعلامى الكبير أ/ سعيد عــــلام صــاحب برنامج (بدون رقابه)
الذى استمر عرضه على
القناه الاولى والثانيه
والفضائيه المصريه الاولى والثانيــه
لمدة 9 اعوام

الموقع الالكترونى للقناه
القناه سوف يذاع عليها برامج لكبار الملحنين والفنانين والعلماء وبرامج اخرى للشباب ، ومن الممكن التواصل مع البرامج عن طريق جروبات البرامج على الفيس بوك على الجروبات التالية:

برنامج سيبر البنات
مع الاستاذة الدكتورة زينب درويش

برنامج الموسيقار
مع الفنان المبدع محمد على سليمان

برنامج ولد وبنت
مع استاذه علم الاجتماع الاديبه المعروفه ساميه الساعاتى

برنامج ايجيبتياكا
مع الاستاذ الدكتور الجليل وسيم السيسى الطبيب والعالم بحكمه المصريين القدماء

برنامج ورقة التوت
مع الاستاذ العلامة فى الطب النفسى الدكتور شوقى العقباوى

برنامج أوسكار آخر حاجة
مع الفنانة التشكيلية الشابة د.زينب نور

برنامج قاضى الغرام
مع الفنان التشكيلى الكبير أ.د محمد شاكر

برنامج حكيم روحانى
مع الاستاذ الدكتور العالم فى طب النفس عبد الناصر عمر

الناس والقانون
مع العلامة المستشار د.شوقى السيد

برنامج سيبر البنات

او على الفيس توت

على الجروبات التالية:

برنامج الناس والقانون

برنامج إيجيبتياكا Aegyptiaca

برنامج ولد وبنت

برنامج الموسيقار

برنامج أوسكار آخر حاجة TUT CHANNEL..OSCAR ..LATEST & BEST

برنامج قاضى الغرام

برنامج حكيم روحانى

برنامج ورقة التوت

برنامج سايبر البنات

طـفــره جـديـده ورائـعــه فى مـجــال الانـتـرنت وتـكـنـولـوجـيـا الـمعلومات
هل انتهى عصر التليفزيون والفضائيات وبدأ عصر البث الحى على الانترنت؟؟؟؟؟

قناه توت امون (شمس الفضائيات تغرب وشمس الانترنت تشرق)
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