Thursday, September 02, 2010

Here comes the b...

This is dedicated to Wasii!

People change, even at this age (thats a surprise)
Some people love you more than you know it.
Others are undedeserving of your love, but you'll only know when you're in need.
Being non-chalant is great in getting what you want.
Too much enthusiasm is a turn-off.
Wish people the best and you'll get it too (good charma i guess).
Make sure your goals only pertain to you (you cannot plan for others)
Low self esteem is silly after a certain level of achievment
Take risks
Some surprises are pleasant

Good morning!


& blood is NOT thicker than water
I love you too, and no it is not!
hi bye c u again , whats the matter wenej `3a6aa
وبعدين ليش محبطة
ra7at modat il blog:p
ra7at modat il blog:p
كلنا نفس الشي خاصة الي يقرون
لكن كيف ممكن نتواصل معاج يالقديمة حيل في هالمجال
حطي ميلج على الاقل
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