Sunday, September 12, 2004

I'm Fat

Seems like I gained 4 Kg in 1 day! I am so upset & depressed! I hate those skinny bitches who munch on crisps & kakaw all day. P.S. If you are one then you're not allowed on this blog!

4kg in one day? What did you do eat a whole goozi? Dont worry that must be mostly water weight what you need is Spinning burns everything water, fat, clothes.

And its not about excerscing to lose weight, its about excersing to eat more without gaining weight!
What if I want to excercise to lose weight ? So that I can fit into my shoes ?
I do not think you are fat.
Nibaq, wanna coach me?

Pinky, whats your sho size??

Purg, ishdarak?
fat to me is above 200 kg, and you are not that fat
no i am not obese, i would be a terrorist if i was. I would terrorize every skinny person
then you are not fat mafeeech shay
baroo7 asawee hypnosis to get skinny,, ciaaaaaaaaaaao!
ok, hippo ur self
I lost some weight (3ala golathom) or maybe its the xtra low jeans im wearing,,

FYI: if you want a pair of jeans that will litterally kill any chances of you showing off ur booty I suggest YSL(straight leg) denim or paper denim&cloth (make sure it doesnt have spandex - o straight leg 6ab3an)

thats my look for the upcomming month + polo shirts tucked in and "punch line" belts...

oh yes, and 60s influenced plastic framed glasses for those who are short sighted...I suggest GFF

paper denim looked funny on me
stop buying tight clothes and buy things that are wider, then you do not feel fat

did the hippo-no-sense work?
Babes... ur not fat .... and you gained 4 kg's because of all the nuts u ate that day ..... heheh.....
I think I am fat according to your standard, but wonder if anyone would pinch my butt
Dear Queen Sheba,

I would readily reveal my age, but NEVAH my Shoe Size Dahling!
So, what's your BMI? (Body Mass Index for those who are not weight obsessed)

Gigi, ligaafa-lingly :D

P.S. check out
I have finally emerged from my RipVanWinklian blogo-slumber. Feedback urgently needed!
GIGI: BMI IS 24! (3al 7effa!)
LOULZ: lol i had 1/2 a Kg of mixed nuts single handedly!
PURG: didn't go, had too much to do
PSS: okayyyy
MY BMI is 27.8, assuming I weigh 85 kgs, which sounds like correct, but could be more or less.

Do you feel better now?
how can i calculate my BMI?
I just want to show my support in the epic battle against blubber. We simply don't have enough weapons or shields to win the battle and can only wish for small victories ( Wanasa! I lost a 1/4 kilo after I took off my socks! )

Everything in this country is geared toward obesity, from food delivery ( yes they do deliver French fries by itself ) to extremely colorful and some say attractive flyers and signs found in every corner . Our genes were not created to deal with deep fried wantons or crème Brule , for thousands of years our ancestors lived on dates, camel milk, some plants and roots and the occasional lizard or locust . And will take many generations for those third world (faqara) genes to transform into a super power ones which can deal with any kind of fat and sugar assaults. وليخسأ الخاسئون
lots of links online wasma
BMI 20.7

so that means your height and weight differs by approx. 100, not too bad.
This is my first post here and since it's all about being fat, there is no better place for me to start.

4kg in a day? I say your weight scale is broken.
You want to talk BMI? How about 28.5? :-P
MadM: Laughing Out Loud! I am hoping i have mediteranean genes in me!


Purg: 100 what??

FAWAZ: hehe 3araftik from your BMI :p
I don't understand who? to gain 4Kg in a day I try & try to gain 4Kg in a year I can't.

Please help me out to gain anything, I eat all type of shit nothing. It maybe part to my smoking :)
ya3ni lazem akteb-ha, you are 60 kgs and 160 cm, or 70 kg and 170 cm, etc. That way you get BMI=24, that is if you are telling the truth :)
masha'Allah 3elaik! but i'm not 160 nor 170 cm :)
I said etc., according to the calculation, that gives you 24.
You have pretty cool blog here. What's up with these weird posts?

Anyway, I like your blog and will proably be back.

Take care.


Oh and another cool site is a burn stored fat site about other weight loss stuff.
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