Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Tuesday Quickie!

Having 12 hour days at work, but i guess its a blessing. Grand ma got diagnosed with cancer, saddest thing since the invasion. A lot more happening on every front. This week will change the rest of my life.

Why do all singers in Arabic video clips act horny?

Galaxy commercials are good.

Still fat (BMI 24), but looking good i must say.

Went to neighbor's engagment. Poor girl looks up to me. Why, i don't know?

Bitch of a relative threw a comment i cannot understand, but basically that she is happy that i am single!

12 hours doing what? And it better be something you enjoy or pays well.

Grandma with cancer? (Salamat) Was it found early so they can do something about it? Strange cancer, I rarely hear elderly get cancer. Most of my grandparents have the standard heart & blood problems, diabetes and arthritis.

Galaxy commerical are the female version of Arabic video clips...

Maybe the girl looks up to you cause your taller?
Dear Queen Sheba,

Allah ye3enkom w ye3enha w yashfeeha Insha'Allah. It's difficult but as Nibaq said, insha'Allah it's in the early stages so that the Doctor's can get it fixed quick.
Why do you think so many people are being diagnosed with cancer in this day and age ?

you just had to insert the horny part between all those lines, didn't you?
:( Cancer is hard on everyone. But God works in mysterious ways.
The comment from the relative: she's obviously very unhappy in her life.... if she's single, its all about loving company ... if she's married, then it must be awful for her. Haram. That's all you can say.
3 guesses who i am.........
Sorry to hear about your grandma. Nothing is impossible, I wish her well and full recovery inshallah.

Horny is not the right word to describe Arabic music videos, no. Slutty is.

I prefer Snickers commercials over Galaxy.

She's happy you're single maybe because she's miserable in marriage? Just a guess.

Fat & looking good? We have to know your definition of "fat". Some chicks annoy me by saying "AAhhh I hate myself I'm so fat" and she'd be like 2kgs over her usual weight.

For all of you feeling "fat", stop killing yourself about it. As long as your healthy, and happy, then you're "OK". You have extra flab here or there, just do some exercises and watch those chocolates that you're eating ;-)

One last note to the blogger, you are NOT fat :-P
Nibaq, Pink, Fawaz, Mamasta: thank you for your muwasat, it is heartfelt. Her MRI is today, we'll know the stage she's in on Sunday insha'ALlah. Allah yaster.

Purg: funny how you have selective reading skills.

Mamasta: Janet Jackson?

Fawaz: merci 3al fat comment, but my def of fat is that the clothes i bought earlier this summer barely button up :s
i don't like fat, it is unhealthy, however, i would rather a woman who is a little plump than too skinny. i'm sorry your grandmother has cancer, that is difficult, i understand, my mother died of cancer.
Chocolates are mandatory in any self-respecting woman's life. Imagine life without them!
Retarius: I am sorry about your mother. Cancer seems to be the plat du jour for Gabriel lately or is it Israel (the death angel)? Forgot my theology :S oh well i shouldn't be blasphemous under the current circumstances, i need every natural and supernatural energy to be with me.

As to slightly plump girls versus skinny, i can see the rational. From a basic instint view, plump is healthy & fertile. From a aesthetic or physical point of view, slightly plump is cuter (sometimes).
Nope. 2 more gueses.
Of course I am, I look for those lines in your posts specifically and you know why I do it.
Of course I am, I look for those lines in your posts specifically and you know why I do it.
Sheba, sorry to hear about your grandma. I hope its in early stages

Question: How come Tuesday quickie is posted on a Wednesday?
Zaydoun! Thats weird, dunno. It was written & posted on Tuesday.
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Dear Sheba
sorry abt your grandma, be strong 4 her.
married people are all le miz, they envy single people. She said something like that b-cuz as u said u r looking good. If u feel that the hell with the rest.
1 more thing next time she throughs a bitch commnet bitch back so its does not become a habit with not only her all of them too.

b strong and have a nice holiday
Zaydoun, I think it shows Wednesday even though it's a "Tuesday Quickie!" is because she actually wrote it at 1:24am of Wednesday. So it is like late night Tuesday. Seems to me that someone cannot sleep early these days :-P

Sheba, as for the definition of fat where your clothes won't button up anymore, as long as you think you look good, blame the tight clothing on bad laundry ;-)
Dear Sheba,

Sorry about your grandmother, and inshallah her recovery will be speedy and painless.

Don't worry about the fat, Ramathan is just around the corner if you wish to loose some weight, unless you binge ma7albiya, gaimat, ge6ayef and all the goodies...
Sorry about your Granny Sheba, I hope she'll get better.

As for the bitch relative, don't worry.. there isn't a single person out there who doesn't have a bitch relative, they are everywhere waiting to pounce at the right moments. LOL, hate 'em.

SOrry to hear about ur grandmother I wish her to cure inshallah.

The comment about being single... dear it is said that el-7gran eyga6e3 el m9ran :) so don't bother ur self with what ever she said, just chill & if the same person bothers u with the same kind of comments & it gets on ur mind then put an end to it use frim, short & SERIOUS words & looks, I made an old woman that ussed to say stuppid comments about ANY thing i might do shut up with only a LOOK because I was really fed up with her & if she wasnt smart enough to shut up I would have exploded in her face :}.
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