Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Fighting It

Innocence is not lost forever. Mine was sacrificed at the tender age of four. I regained it in my teenage years, with the love of my family. Now I feel that God must reward me for the years I lost. I feel the reward must be big to make up for the pain. Perhaps I am not grateful to all that He has given me.

I’m fighting life to maintain the sparkle in my eye, which we are born with-- the innocence, the happiness.

It feels like a belated identity crisis, but its not. I see my pictures and here it is: 1 eye has it, the other eye sad. In an older picture, 1 eye hurt and the other hopeful. In a recent picture, both eyes hopeful but both damaged.

I am losing me in this battle to save myself. I do not accept me as a broken soul.

what you need is...

Perhaps :)
Good Luck
don't give up :) keep yourself excited and stimulated and stressfree!
Excuse my curiousity, what happened when you were four?
just is the tomorrow u worried about yesterday...wish u all the best..n all hope filled with strength..
sheba honeyy miss you ktheeeeeeeeeer

wish you a wonderful new year.. remember what we agreed on..


love ya loads!
Purg, good to see you here- long time!
Shurouq, don't feel like talking about it here. But you can know if you've been reading Jewaira's blog.
Wasii, LOVE YOU girl. 2005 will see us as stronger, sexier women! I might get the HERMES bag just to insure that thats the image we portray ;p

Everyone else, its a new year, have a great one & thank you for your support.

I can't afford it :(

will the Luella western giselle suffice?
:) Good for you - to work it out your way.
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