Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sultan Center

And no its not about the stock (but i did just get a tip to buy).

So, I was walking back to my car after a brief trip to Sultan Center Salmiya, in which I bought a rotisserie chicken and amazing organic chocolate, and it hit me!

I do not want to be doing things alone anymore. Yes, I am happy single. Yes, I am much better off than the many unhappily married people we know and don’t know. Yes, I lead a life that many girls would envy (which I am grateful to God and my family for).

BUT I do not want to be alone anymore. I want to spend the rest of my life with someone who loves me and who I love. Someone who respects me (and family life) and I respect. Someone who enjoys my company, and I enjoy his.

P.S. I was a bit ashamed to write this post (after the more intellectual previous post), but decided that 1) this is my blog and it is about me and how I feel and what I think  and 2) to have emotions is human, and to express them makes me stronger, especially in the face of those who claim or think that a women strong enough to be in politics will deny her familial/maternal instincts and responsibilities.

Sharing our achievements & success with a partner makes them doubly wonderful.
Sharing <-- golden word :)

My horoscope (Aquarius) for Thursday & Friday & abasherkum its all a lie:

What you're looking for may indeed be just around the corner, but a little more effort of a certain kind is required.

You should be able to capture and hold on to the attention of that special someone, despite your own insecurities.
I feel the same most of the time, 3aadee, there is nothing embarrassing about it, it is just frustrating that when men decide not to be alone anymore it happens, as for us, we just linger there waiting for a moment which is probably destined not to come.

I'm aquarious too and here is today's horoscope:

You don't have to sit there any longer -- you've been waiting long enough. It's time for someone to tell you exactly what they think of you, and in no uncertain terms. The good news is that the two of you already agree on everything, from politics to ice cream flavors. Now all you have to do is find a way to pry this one little thing out of them. It won't be too tough.

I think I have had more relationships in my horoscope than in real life!!
Great! And now the hard part.. Good luck finding that person! ;P
Sometimes you have a "happy" marriage and you still feel lonely
Sheba darling u need a companion
And what a true Aquarian you are! :))

:( i sense a touch of cynism. If this someone has been made for me, fate will bring him. I am a true believer in fate & a cute smile :>

Then you must read 'Veronica Decides to Die' by Paulo Cohelo just to appreciate what you have and what you have taken for granted as being yours.

Yes, thats the whole meaning of this post :)
Babe.. listen to this song.. wallah itll bring a smile to your face.. watch the video.. really adorable!! t5ayyalt nafsee ma3hom LOOOOL

(yes im very bored)

If I was a rich girl (na, na na na.nana anananana...)
See, I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthyyy girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl
No man could test me, impress me, my cash flow would never ever end
Cause I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthyy girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl

Think what that money could bring
I'd buy everything
Clean out Vivienne Westwood
In my Galliano gown
No, wouldn't just have one hood
A Hollywood mansion if I could
Please book me first-class to my fancy house in London town!!!!

All the riches baby, won't mean anything
All the riches baby, won't bring what your love can bring
All the riches baby, won't mean anything
Don't need no other baby
Your lovin' is better than gold, and I knowwwwww

you gotta love Gwen Stefani!
No it got me depressed actually

I have neither
Sheba, It does suck.. we all need stability, love and even more love in our lives.. But what's a girl to do other than wait and just hope for the best. Look at it this way, you're still single because you haven't found someone who deserves you, someone who you're willing to "share" with yet.. Better wait for Him this long rather than making a mistake and tying yourself to a jerk who would just make your existence miserable!
The world is your oyster. Enjoy it while you can, and welcome the pleasant and unexpected thrills that life throws at you, the kind of thrills that only us single girls can fully enjoy ;)
Sheba - welcome to my club :)

Do you think that being lonely & broke has something to do with being Aquarians????

SHOSHO LOL DEFINITELY! Went to your joint blog with purg, & did not find anything recent from you :s
sorry babe
Sheba - I post once per week or fortnight, depending on my tight schedule, and my last post was 5 days ago, so still early for another. Unlike Purg, he posts several times a day mashallah 3alai...
3adi babe, i will go for a 'Chos' :>


Any idea on how i can get notifications on blog updates?
Honey I hope he finds you!
Sheba. Join the club. One sometimes grows accustomed to being lonely in the sense of not having a partner to share your life with.
I will tell you two things:
1) You can be in a marriage, and still be the loneliest person in the world, trust me :(.

2) You can have many, many, many loves/lovers and still be the loneliest person in the world also (I know someone like this, and he hates it).

On a brighter note, may God grant you the happiness you seek and deserve, I know you will get it inshallah! Sometimes its a matter of it popping up when you least expect it, or it being right in front of your eyes and you don't even know it! :)
oySoyS, You're not lonely, you got P4!!! :P

Sheba, we all go through this.. don't let it take over.. spend more times with close ones, and like me, I spend my time with a mistress.. The gym that is.. ;P I get all sorts of frustrations out, and I get in a better shape.. so two for one.. :)))

e wana widdi b wa7da wallah.. men zmaan 3anha t9adgeen? elkhawaat el9ale7aaat :x
BTW, here is something that will go well with your post.. LOL
--->CliCk mE<---
I really hope you find what ur looking for or vice versa... but my one question is how do u ever go about it? i mean do wait a round and let family figure it out for you or do u go out and get what u want???? just curious about how people think things like this could/ should happen? oh and just my 2 cents but i think lonelyness is a character builder... teaches you how to be alone with urself something i dont think many (not all) people in q8 have got mastered?:)
Sorry Sheba, what I was trying to say is that sometimes it's easy to know what you want, but there may be no easy way of grasping it. When you do, however, it would be well worth your time and effort ;)
In order to overcome loneliness, one must learn to enjoy one's own company
Yes, I agree with Zaydoun as well Sheba.

Enjoying your own company is lovely. I am always happily content to do stuff by myself, and have much fun doing so. But I know the point you are making is that it is so much better when you have someone close to share it with...and I agree entirely
First, I Loved Jewaira's statement and I agree with Shosho and Zaydoun, sorry dear, but you have to know that we "Aquarius" girls never felt bad towards our Loneliness, and we are "privileged" to the fact that we are strong enough to handle a malfunctioned relationship such "casamientos de fracaso"!! I might be young for such a responsibility..!! However, I'd rather to be alone instead of being with someone who keeps listening and never understands me.. no offense guys..:)

Be tough girl ;)
You'll find who deserves your heart eventually enshallah...

I don't know where the idea that i am unhappy or even miserable because i'm single came from. I am actually VERY happy al7amdila HOWEVER, its time to start my life with someone. Its time to share. Its time to start a family.

Now to answer those who asked how i will go about doing this? I will not. I do believe in 'meant to be'. If it is meant to be that i meet someone & live happily ever after then it will happen. If it was not meant to be then it will not & i am happy both ways.

P.S. I am one of the few people i know who would travel alone, enjoy herself thoroughly alone, eat out alone (yes even in Kuwait), & go to the movies alone. But i am a social being and i cannot and will not deny myself from my instincts :)
I*HEAR* you girl!
Believe me, you cannot imagine...
If what you wanted in a man and plus some came and slapped your emotional state into blissfulness and inebriated your mind silly, would YOU know how to deal with it, or do you think he will stay long enough while you dwell in your confusion?
Dear Sheba..

i know exactly how you feel.. im 23 and single but some times you feel the need of a "life partner", some one whose always there to witness your life, to love you & most important to RESPECT and support you.. but NOTHING is guaranteed in life , NOTHING my dear, so why risk you're happyness with some idiot that will only pretend he's Mr.Right.. untill you fall for him and BAM!! a total a$$hole appears behind that innocent face.. hehehe gosh! im being a (drama queen).. but hey!! it's true! i dont believe in that Crap that most people think it's "LOVE" while it's nothing but some "mental issues".. once you're his woman, he has to be all mean, cruel and so annoying and you have to deal with it.. why? coz you're a woman (born to sacrifice)..
3al3omoom wayed ishta6ait!! (ma3thora)
my point is: you are a happy single and a successful woman and you dont need a man to be happier :)

MEN <--- ma warahom ella 3awar il galb wil shiga

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