Sunday, April 17, 2005


When did adultry become a social norm in Kuwait?! I am disgusted!


you believe me
And what makes Kuwait different from the rest of the world?

As long as marriage is a norm, adultery will be.

See, that's WHY I don't want to get married :S

(Hah, I love the excuses I come up with!)
I'm surprised we don't have team uniforms yet, it has become such a popular national pastime..and Shurouq is probably happens all over, but I guess we are such a small community it's hard to miss it. It's probably time to rethink marriage, or at least refashion it for today.
Sure its old news, & sure we're definitely no better than other societies. However, its become such a norm that it is no longer Taboo among many. Not only that, but sometimes it is endorsed by those around the adulterers 'she loves him, he beats her, he not sexually satisfied'

1. Why get married in the 1st place, if you're so selfish?

2. Marriage is a vow with 3 parties: husband, wife, & their Creator. In adultry, the disrespect & dishonor goes to all.

3. If its so horrible- get a divorce!
i agree with kwtia *refashion marriage*.. but the promblem is when you try to change yourself while it's quite hopeless to change your partner.. you know what? just get a divorce! how about that? ;)
The greater shame is in the hypocrisy, or in the way in which the adultery is committed (adultery in and of itself is shameful enough). The innocents who get caught in the middle. What is always shocking is how it can be rationalized by the person who commits it. How sordid it can be. Very unfortunate and sad. But, for some people, they think nothing of it. :(

It is important to note however, that it is not limited to men and very often it is the woman who is the unfaithful one, even in Kuwait. And this despite outward appearances as well...
I think the way marriage is conducted in q8 is the root of this evil - men and women do not really "choose" their partners. The guy accepts his mother's suggestion, and the girl's choice is based on the proposals she gets, which are not that many in most cases.

Matters are not likely to change since our society is blindly moving towards gender segregation, which means people will be forced to undergo traditional marriages even though they are not conviced by such methods.
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