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"a bit of Rgagness is like Wasabi, it spices the relationship but too much of it makes you gag" Wasma

What is Rgag?
Regaag 1. Traditional Kuwaiti bread, can be eaten plain or with an infusion of sugar, egg, and saffron. 2. Is a condition in which a male/female involuntarily goes back to his/her cultural/religious roots when it comes to controversial issues (i.e. attire, social functions and such.)
They often communicate with their mother tongue and in their local accent, stressing on prehistoric jargon to emphasize their genuine ancestry and decent. They unintentionally speak English (although some try their hardest when others do it intentionally for reasons mentioned above) in their local accent as well.
They are shwayya raj3eyeeen, ya3ni no bikini (Sheba). damhom khafeef and they enjoy male bonding in dewaneyat and consider it cool mathalan, they think that chicken nuggets are malaqa o damhom thgeel (their nemesis.)

The rgag male attracts:
1. Chicken nugget girls because they want to change them (chicken nugget impulse), WHY: Because they flaunt their manhood, they are assertive in girl-getting, they fall in love fast, and they don't usually befriend potential relationship threats (i.e. female friends.)

2-Rgaag Girls (chicken nugget girls neminses) WHY: Because they want them to be *their Gift Bitches*, sexual compatibility ;), and easy communication (Quote Sheba.)

Rgaag girls: easy access, less hassle, easy communication

On holiday (i.e. vacation):
An arab destination is a must for winter or summer holidays (Beirut, Cairo, Manama) London or Paris (during Khaleeji seasons), and the occasional Manchester United game.

NOTICE: Rgaag by all means does NOT refer to Hailag, HOWEVER, Hailag people MAY have Rgaag qualities.

P.S.: Thanks to Crappy_Nappy for the term that is now widely used in both Saudi and Kuwait.


addition to the characteristics of a Rgag: The Rgag male goes to (in his early years) and listens to Samrat religiously.
Perhaps a quick definition of "halaaga" might be warranted to clarify the subtle cultural differences then, Sheba. Perhaps an example?

Hmm. Is it possible to be somewhere in between the cultural lines? Can they blur? Can an intermarriage exist between two or three types? A Hayleg Nugget perhaps?

*MsBaker is pondering the philosophical impact of this enlightening discourse*
oh sheba nsait ba3ad,,

they are obsessed with Dkhoon and 3ood.. you smell them a mile away (thats not bad tara..ahwan men shay thani!)
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think I am Teshreeba.

rgaag but mushy. Certainly not Falafel: hard on the outside yet soft on the inside.

I dunno...maybe just Misguided.

mmhhh...Sheba..interesting observation
Hehe Wasii 7aram we've confused our readers, they don't know where they would like to be categorized.

People, pls do not try to catogrize yourself, this JUST for fun.

Re. Definition of Haylag, i do not want to offend anyone. However, for a quick reference, Haylag are the 'sand nigger' equivalent of white trash.

Dear Sheba,

I guess you are right...mushy kinda sounds wrong.

Maybe I just 9ab elgafsha . Sweet.

yours truly,

Misguided 7ameth 7eloo el-blogawy Bin 3enternet
Perhaps ;)
ops, that was me
Waat in Za Helll !!!
Wohoooo I missed a lot of intresting light and funny subjects . hey wassaaaaaaaaaaaaap

where is my new date ? i just broke up ?

Aaany ways Id like to add a new category for Rgaag Wana-A-Be which sheba is into it loool Luv ya :*

I think ill name them " Fe'at il Machbos " o bl Saudi neseeet it has a weired name .

Machbos now days is considered a known meal for rgaagzZz but also known in Chics Nuggs world (cuz its the only word that relates then to our culture and its the only thing they know about it) looooool

Im over reactin bs 3aad la itsawoon ha salfaaa

Cutee Cat miss Baker
abi sooraaaa chithy shloon !
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I find rgaag males full of contradiction.

They look like they have an identity , but in fact chicken nugget males have a clearer one.
The Rgaggzz sound so desirable :P
Rgaag males are manly..
Did you really had to involve Manchester United into this? *anger*
Bora Bora
Get over it
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All this talk about Rgag led me to have a moment of self-analysis myself. I started to think to myself, what am I? am I the Rgag my Grandma used to make (god rest her soul), or am i closer to the Girs-I3gaily my other Grandma used to make, may god rest her soul as well. Is it possible that I am neither? Mere representation of the Chapati and Samboosa our care-giver used to make.

Here is the source of my confusion confused, I wear a Wizar and 'wife-beater' shirt when I’m home as I listen to Ray Charles and Diana Krall, drinking my Chianti wine. I think in English, dream in Arabic, and speak in Englabic. I listen to aswat, 3adaniyat, 3awadiyat, and HEAD BANG TO THEM! I would kill for a nice juicy medium-rare cut of beef, preceded with bushy rocket leaves salad gracefully dressed with balsamic vinegar and followed by two or three courses of chocolate-based desserts. I drink goat milk in the day, and wine at night. Darabeel in the morning and Fondue at night, I am attracted to emotionally unstable ibarga3at during the day, and secure, strong, intellectual women at night.

I know what I am, Rgag bas min Sultan Center
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There are so many terms I'm really getting lost !

Whatever happened to good old fashioned private school/govt. school differentiation ?
So simple..

I'd like to think of myself as NWMH, I don't belong to a category *proudly* ! (Not that anyone asked but .. whatever) :)
Sheba, this post is so much fun, dont worry about offence!

John Doe: LOOOOOOOL!!!! Now that was too funny.

Yumm! I love girs 3agayli, and ilgaymaat. And darabeel. And achaar. And Yareesh. Mu6abag simmach and imrubyaan. Gabboo6!!
All those traditional Q80 Stuff. They used to call me the "old Kuwaiti lady" when I was younger. I used to like Aisha al-Mur6ah 6aggaga songs.

So, what if you are a girl? Does rgaag apply? What if you are a chicken nugget by birth but a wannabe rgaag? heheheheh

And speaking of my favorite ilgaymaat now that we are on the subject, The best ilgaymaat are brown and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside with just the right amount of sheera and saffron to make it special and interesting! No heavy and spongy ones please! Also, the ones with dinosaur legs are awesome, no gaymaatah has to be perfect!
Sheba unfortunately Britney Spears husband sprung into my mind with that white trash definition... The horror!
MsBaker, I dont know where this came from, but dont you think that these are great classifications as well?

Geymat, sab il gafsha, 3aseeda, tamrya, im7albya, qamardeen

or did I just prove how freakishly weird i am? Ponder this,

Geymat - petite girl, a bit busty, playful chick, kinda like Jennifer anniston, very emotional, very high maintenance

Tamrya? black stripper with big chest and rear-end or black im7ajiba with with flowing chest and gigantic rear end.

Im7albya- very calm, nice sweet girl, always mellow, bit freakilshly wild in bed though

hmm Im stuck with qamardeen, 3aseeda, and Sab il gafsha, any ideas?
Mwwaaahahahahahha! JD OMG you are too hilarious! Those definitions were spot on. Especially tamriya - I can see her now in my minds eye! You have confused me even further however with regard to myself, when I thought all I had to do was marry the chicken nugget and rgaag thing to breath a sigh of relief! LOOL

Sab ilgafsha: voluptuous, busty and tan skinned with very well done chic highlights and long hair, J-Lo sunglasses and sweatsuits, has a roving eye and is on the prowl for a moneyed husband to maintain her pseudo rock star lifestyle while he tags along behind her on her exploits. Does nothing with her life except make appearances as J-Lo at Kuwaiti social events.
John Doe

إنت تمرة مغطسة بكاكاو ومغلفة
ويبيعونها في الجمعية
تمرة سوفستكيتد
Question off topic, why are you blogging on a regular basis now?
many of us are caught up in a confusing cultural dichotomy which is hard to really define. miss Heelz i remain uncategorized, but i do find the likes of john do interesting! (imbarga3at during the day??? -is it the mystery? )

CN, luv ya too
JD, nawar il blog ;)
NWMH, Lumin, wayed philosophy which make nuggets in denial.
W, i agree, 7adhum yummie & hot But when they act up kilish mu zain. Then again chicken nuggety guys are cute too & they find us exotic ;)
FAWAZ, You truely need a definition by yourself!
MsB, glad you're having fun.

Thought: where do kids from bilingual (Arabic/English) schools get catagorized?
john doe
lool funny definitions , also yeah iknow some ppl here who sat down by thier own and tryed to think WHO AM I and what am i
Does that make you happy or upset you?

But you're right, and these are the possible reasons:

1. I just broke up with a blogger and what to piss him off.
2. I have a crush on a blogger and want to catch his attention.
3. I am in love with a blogger and this is how we communicate.
4. I'm bored with blog world and thought its time to have some fun with some silliness.
5. I have become a couch potatoe, and must find entertainment indoors.
HAHA! Ms baker right on!
Anonymous: umm thank you, i think.

Msbaker, what about 3aseeda?
Could she be the new breed of Kuwaiti lesbians, whose favorite words are "Ana wiya rifeegty ishtaby inta?" - said in a Barry White voice. Whats your thoughts?

Anyone is invited to take a jab at this, im still trying to figure out who is 3aseeda?
I heard Sultan-made rgaag bread is being sold here.

rgaag is the thinnest bread known to man, extremely dry and brittle it expands into some kind of sludge similar to lasagna dough when added to a sauce or stew. Like everything else in this country its always thirsty and can absorb or swallow large quantities of liquid.

Is "swallowing" one of the characteristics of a rgaag girl...I wonder
Its been my experience that they do, among other things, such as spreading rgag

Days will show u what I mean :p
Sheba - I think you are at the No. 4 option of possible reasons for blogging ;) hehehe I feel your pain my dear!

Crappy Nappy- heheeh..machboos..


3aseeda: Q80 female homosexual with a stocky bod, somewhat lovely but androgynous face, short boy hair, can easily walk into a Ferrari or Porsche dealership to buy each of her hot, lipsticked gal-pal posse a little trinket with her mucho disposable inherited income. Travels proudly and proprietarily at the center of a pack of jaw-droppingly gorgeous girls. Enjoys making q80 men salivate at the sight of them, and in making them foolishly delude themselves with the unspoken thought of : Hey, I am a hottie, I can SO convert these lovelies to my manly-ness, let me just adjust my ghutra and 3agal a bit...
Personally, I love RGys.. & can't handle CNGys (non-dairy creamers)..

I can't handle the girls (had plenty of them in School) let along handle the guys.. a7es byenfeteg feeni 3erg!

HOW-EVA, saying that doesn't mean that I am FOR RGrs.. takfoon ya3nee.. itha kan galbe yn3al mn CNGrs f KAYANI KELLAH as we know it yetfe66ar (break into pieces) from RGrs..

I'm listening to Hole - Malibu

and it inspired me to do all the abriviations

CNGrs= Chicken Nugget Girls
CNGys= Chicken Nuggest Guys
RGrs= Rgaag Girls
RGys= Rgaag Guys

Damn! im turned on, can you introduce me to her friends?
JD - Ibsara7a, I wouldn't know an 3aseeda or any of her friends to tell the truth, I just have fun inconspicuously and quietly observing and listening ;)
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Great, then save me a seat the next time you go lipstick homo ogling
You got it JD :)
Sheba, neither, just curious. As for the options, my feeling is option 4.

Bu J!!! VERY naughty!

msB & Jon D ;)

Wasii, must simplify! Mukhi 3awarni ;p

Crappy, after reading Bu Jaij's comment, i am A NUGGET or Machboos Never a rgaag (gaag ;p) girl
At first I didn't quite get the post, so I thought I'd wait until enough people commented.. but now I'm even more lost.

So instead of declaring myself this category or that... I'll ask Sheba to do it.

Sheba, over to you!
Zaydoun! Ybeelaha derasah!

أنت سوشي
لست رقاق


أنت كراميل بوب كورن
We Kuwaitis have an intense fascination with food. We interpret people through food imagery and categorize them according to our palates.

You guys have done a great job in defining the different characteristics of the various types of people.

And JD & Ms.Baker- too funny :) and yes BuJaij is quite the naughty as well.
Crappy so you are the one w the copyright to the term Rgaggz, then?
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