Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lama & Faisal

It was 10 am and Faisal had not called nor text-messaged her, which was unusual for him. The night before, he lead their conversation into future plans, the number of children he would like to have with her and what he would like to name them. Lama was on the receiving end, and did not participate much, partly because he took her by surprise, and partly because she did not feel they were ready to talk about such details.

Later in the afternoon Faisal called her, and seemed preoccupied, and he did not make any plans with Lama, nor did he ask about her plans, as he would normally have done. She did not ask either, but she felt something was different.

She went shopping with a friend and his call came again.

Faisal: What are you up to?
Lama (knowing he wanted to see her): I’m shopping with Basma at Marina mall.
Faisal: You wanna have dinner with me?
Lama: sure

At dinner, there was something in his eyes that was there a day before. He couldn’t hide it, and she could see it and feel it.

On their way to their cars, she stopped him so she could look into his eyes. She could still see what she saw and felt earlier and she decided to ask him..

Lama: Whats wrong sweetie.
Faisal: Nothing, I’m okay.
Lama: I can see something different.
Faisal (pausing and suddenly not looking at her anymore): I want to be honest with you. I... I’m not sure what I want.
Lama: You mean you’re not sure if you want this relationship?
Faisal: Yes.
Lama: Or are you not sure about me?
Faisal: That too.
Lama: Oh.

She got into her car. Did not look back. Numbness took over her body and mind.

تلومينني يوم اقولك عنه؟؟؟

المفروض انها سوت الشي اللي فبالي.. ادري موهوب "برستيج" على قولتهم بس بيبرد قلبها

اقولك هذا لون فيصل وشرواه.. لا احد يقولي شي ثاني هالاسم مقرود

بس السؤال اللذي يطرح نفسه
تكفين حنا متى بنتوب؟ تهقين بنتعلم؟

I think I should start a "send a threat via txt" service ASAP

لوجه الله مابي حتي اي نوع من الرسوم
Maybe he's going through a phase..?
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OMG OMG I'M ROFLMAO fil maktab, wala bat-fanash minech 1 of these days! Love you girl :*

Yes, a life time phase.
one thing i know, ur a good story teller:P
اللي يبينا عيت النفس تبغيه
و اللي نبيه عي البخت لا يجيبه

When we have you, it’s over., But after you are gone, we want you again.. Live and learn Lama.. ;)
Kila Ma6goog,
Why thank you, my guru :)

Girls, if you have any guy-related questions, no one better than Kila Ma6goog to answer them for you.

The Don,
3AJEEEEEEEB. Games are not for me though.
Okay why why.. why did faisal become an ass? Why?! I mean he can understand that we aren't in for games.. and that he took the one way road.. he wanted her to marry him, talked commitment and shit and now he goes back and says i'm not sure.. what a pansy!
wee shfeeha hal bint miskeena 6ayi7 7a'6ha 3adil ;\
7alata etkaf'7a eb safa6at el simach 3ala wayha.....

Why is it that there are no nunneries for women in islam, we do need such an option to escape this supreme assholism...
Mako fayda..

Wasi, i'm back in the club
"the anti-faisal club"
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
o hamad hal chathab talked to faisal or faisal's friends o 6ala3 7achi 3ala lama

lama a9lan ma6fooga khala9 yuba ensay il athneena oo live your life !!
hmmm almoshkila Faisal wayed mindifi3 , he rushed into it.

I think he's a good guy straight and honest. chicken nugget?
يوم اقولكم انه فاشل..مير اصلا مبين من اسمه.. ثاني مرة اسمعوا نصيحتي
صباح الخير شيبا....أنا ما ألوم لما كلّش بس الشرهه على فيصل....لأن ياهل...و عادة اليهال ما يعرفون شنو يبون...و عموما كل الرياييل يهال
One word 'MEN'!

Its the men around her iley 6aye7 7ath'hum.

I was driving when i read your comment, i was in twitches LOL! :*

(MSN mobile txt msgs me the headers of my e-mails).


lol i dont think so.

Yes, it seems so. & Yes, nugget (he just moved back- refer to previous entries).

LOOOOOOOOL OMG i love it when u talk Najdi, its so darn funny! I imagine you sitting on the floor in your dara3a & thob cooking something on an open fire & beedech es3afa wet-hefeen 3al naar.

Sajja! Bess aku exceptions (i guess).

Love you all,
Sheba (very sentimental today & i aint even PMSing)
men are pigs, at least 99% of them.

and the remaining 1%, just piglets.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Sheba.. metkhaylatni farga sha3ri bel nu9 o laabsa Shailah? LOOOOOOL
Yes, thats what my dad says!

hehe ee wasi 7ada! O eedech im7aniah & bisayel.
الوصف اللي قلتيه توّا ذكّرني ببنات الملك عبدالعزيز

Wooow you're an amazing story teller! I think faisal just got cold feet
LOOOL haddi elle3b ya ommi!

Im a tad confused. So you have this dilemma between a hamad, and a faisal.correct? And now Faisal is a bit confused about your relationship? right?
My question is, its hard enough to find one guy, what is lama's secret? hehe
i think lama's secret is her charector...she's a well educated girl..has a target in her life..and most important she knows what she wants
Go easy on Faisal girls. He feels alot for Lama and he can't deal with it. He wants her but at the same time he's getting cold feet because he is afraid of the powerful hold she has over him. He is afraid of losing control of his bachelorhood :)

He needs a little more love and understanding.
Faisal needs to be castrated
w... yes, with a rusty spoon.

what the hell is this?! ya3ni it left me with an empty feeling in my stomach i loved faisal... i was on his team the whole time... why this?! why now?! why waste lama's time?!?! i hate stupid boys.
I will have to agree with you on that one. You cant BE unless you have self-confidence. And I think that is an essencial quality that can make a persons life aligned at all times. There is this book called "Why We Love" that states that the number one attribute that makes people attractive is if a person is confident, and stable.
Who wants to be with someone that is not?
Good for Lama.
I like how all the females here are acting so pure, innocent, and angelic and how men now are considered the pigs and kids, ...etc.

Like you ladies won't do to a man what Faisal or Hamad did to Lama just for laughs.
Fawaz, sure some girls can be worse than Hamad or Faisal, you can post about it, how about that? :)
Maskeena ish'hal garada!! el3abaw feeha hal 2 guys =/
Sarah, it's not something nice to write really. It's best to share the good stuff rather than the ugly stuff ;-)

I just didn't like generalizing and categorizing men like that. It is a large percentage, yes, but not a general thing about them. Also, the same goes for ladies as well I'm sure.
مو قلتلكم نطروا وبتشوفون فيصل يقلب عليها؟؟
كاهو قلب...مالت عليهم هالشباب
Fawaz, I totally agree
Hamad and Faisal were two of that "large percentage".
مسلخييييييييير شيبا

كيف الحال؟ انشالله طيبة ومافيك الا العافية.. عندي طلب صغير والله موب ماخذ من وقتك ولا جزء من الميكرون من الثانية.. لو سمحتي روحي للرابط (يا شين هالكلمة تذكرني بشي مقزز) و جاوبي على السؤالين، يا كافي كلها سؤالين موب مكلفك ولا شي وقسم بالله.. وان كلفك حقك علي من بكرة ارسلك حنيني ولا كليجة الا مود


ترا السؤال مطروح لكم كلم لحد يقولي ورى ما جيتي المدونة وعزمتيني شخصيا ..
انا عطيت نفسي وجه مع شيبا لان هي خابرة حركاتي

C u there!
7naini or Klyjah a la Mode=

Minced dates (7naini) or Klyjah (G9eemi Danish - richer though) with date flavoured syrup
oh wow!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Lama is not magrooda or ma6googa or maskeena, its just that fate knows whats good for her and its neither Hamad nor Faisal. She either must go through trial & error till she gets THE ONE whos right for her, OR she waits for Cupid to get it right!

Wasii, our kleyja doesn't have syrup on it! Shawagteeni!

And Waterlilie, yes confidence is a major turn on.

Sarah, Tha7akteeni (3ala ur 1st comment)

Shopy, e wala u said so!

Fawaz, aku wayed banat 'la3oobat' but the signs are all there & YOU have the choice to be with them or not :)

Welcome to the blog, & sorry to disapoint :/

Dunno about that.

nunu, oh well.
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