Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Went to a Mosque Today to Pray Qiyam Al-Lail

(aka Jiyam)

And here is my experience:

1. Spiritually I felt good.
2. The mosque I went to prayed 10 rak3at, which took me by surprise, i’ve always been to the mosques that do 8 rak3at. I guess its 'masyed mutqa3deen'
3. I didn’t see a single munaqaba, nor a single guy wearing a short dishdasha, which made me wonder if they consider Qiyam al-Lail bed3a or that they would only go to mosques which pray for the Mujahedeeeeeen!
4. Thank god the Imam was Kuwaiti, cuz I didn’t have to hear bad prayers against alnasarah and alyahood, nor good things about mujahedeen!
5. The lady next to me was 55ish, obese, praying on a chair, and at one point I sat down because I felt faint (she smelt of fried garlic & onions & VIM), which takes me to my next point,
6. Why do some mosque goers not shower and/or wear fresh clothes when they go to the mosque? I thought the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) advised us to not eat garlic/onions on the day we go to the mosque, so don’t they get that this is serious?
7. There were 2 girls who took off their head gear as soon as the prayer finished. Not nice at all.
8. The 2 ladies praying in front of me kept backing up, I almost lost my head during prayers. Allah 7efathni :)

mujahideen are good people unlike terrorists,, didnt the imam read any surrat of the Quran with mujahideen in it!!
in fact the best people in jannah are prophets and messengers then mujahideen!!!

short dishdasha is in the sunnah and so as niqab
it makes them better people and not worse

just as not eating garlic/onions when going to the masjid makes you better

qiyaam alayl is sunnah not bedaa

there are plenty of kuwaiti imams that pray for the mujahideen and pray against nasarah and yahood who hurt the muslimeen,, Allah accepts the prayers of whom he wills,, and he doesnt accept evil prayers

keep up the prayers
May Allah bless you
what is the point of this post? to know you went to jeyam? or some other motive?
u could have simply changed ur place !. i do agree they even smell like onions or smell like a box of (6eeb & bokhoor)

3salla yetqabal !
النظافة مطلوبة واذا انتو البنات تتشكون لمجرد صلاة القيام واهي تقريبا الوقت الوحيد الي تدشون فيه المساييد
شلون عيل احنا الرجال باجي السنة
من كل انواع المهن
الواحد يتحمل بهالمكان الي ما يتحمله في غيره وكل واحد له اجر
tgabbal allah and try to focus:)
شيبا أنا لمّا كنت أروح القيام في المسجد...كنت على طول أحط يأيدي كلينكس فيه ريحه خفيفه...عشان أذا انحطيت في مثل هذا الموقف الا عندي حل...بس الحين من قمت أجيم في بيتي ارتحت من الروائح
I've always wondered when I see men heading to the mosque in their home dishdasha. I mean if this is your place of worship, wouldn't you want to look your best, out of respect I mean?
about the 2 girls taking off their 7ijabs as soon as they got out..

i am guilty as charged!

however i did not go to qiyaam yet, bs sorry awal ma a6la3 min the mosque i have this sudden urge to rip the hijab off, its very qamta!

i know its disrespectful, i am gonna try to keep it on, until we drive away..

i don't understand how people wear it, i can't stand hats..! shloon hijab..

I guess its 'masyed mutqa3deen'<---HaHa classic!
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