Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sheba's Travel Tip 1

My travel day went as usual, traded, when to 2 meetings, did my correspondence, then lazily checked my ticket to find that my plane was 1 hour before the time I had planned to be at the airport. I drove like a mad woman while talking to Ramila, our Goan housekeeper who must be spoken to in perfect English or else will not respond, to tell her what to pack. I got home, grabbed a quick bite, bid my parents farewell, and ran to the airport.

Of course I never carry cash and that would be the first thing I pursue upon arrival. Then, at my hotel, I realized while talking on the phone, that I do not have the confirmation number but I carry a loyalty card so the receptionists must smile in spite of their aggravationon with me. I asked for an upgrade too.

In longer trips I would first unpack then shower, in shorter ones, I would proceed to shower right before ordering a hot drink. From here onwards, each trip is unique in its mishaps:

I was in Dubai yesterday and as soon as I jumped out of my shower, I realized that I forgot my deodorant. I have forgotten sleeping socks, work shoes, chargers, but never deo. Thank God for Uncle A's advise to a new staff member with body odor problems which I always thought was amusing but never have I thought that I would one day follow:

Uncle A to BO employee: Everyday, you must shower, then you must buy the big yellow cologne from Jamiyaa (I will buy for you), and splash a handful under each arm, then you must wear fresh clothes.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen I sprayed *perfume on my underarmerarm. And yes, it worked.

Travel Tip Number One: Use perfume/cologne instead of deodorant when in need

*Armani, the pink one

huh! doesn't it burn?
kloonya etsawwid il aba6! mo zain!
hehe imbala, bess 3ammy egool tet3awedain :p

I dont know about that, aba6 3ammy abyath
i've always assumed that if you spray cologne on a bad smell, it becomes worse..

does ur thing actually work?

You spray deodorant or perfume AFTER your shower
LOL , mn lah 7eelah falya7taal

3eedech mbarak !
First, 3eedkom umbarak! :P
Second, it depends on the kind of perfume because some might cause an itch/alergy.
U.E.'s travel tip #1 - Hotels (and airlines) generally provide complimentary 'Emergency Amenities' bags with essentials like toothbrush, sewing thread and DEODERANT! Just ask the desk. Also a fun way to try hair products you would never buy on your own!

I traveled like a mad-woman when I was recruiting but never managed to pack a complete suitcase. hee hee
hehe interesting, I never checked abatat color in my life before I think from now no that's what I'll be doing!!!

Happy Eid =}
yah ask the desk frequent traveler.
very intersting
3eedkum mubarak.

forgetting deo is big no-no in traveling sheba.

enjoy your trip and don't let dubai's traffic wreck your nervous system.
شور 2 باليوم
ملابس نظيفة كفاية
كولنيا بهالاماكن يكي
Once I sprayed perfume by accident and it burned me
O i've been told it makes it black cuz it burns/irritates the skin.
I don't think you should get used to this. :) Only emergencies!

next time call housekeeping and ask for deo.

perfume is not meant to be in direct contact with flesh unless in small quantities..haha Sorry baby but i think im disregarding tip #1 ;)
That was awesome, Sheebz! My dad almost fired a translator who worked for him because of terrible BO. Frankly, I would have just used alot of soap and scrubbing in the shower and then just gone "sans deodrant."

Anyways... 7amdillah 3ala alsalaama wa 3eedich mubarak, girl!
عيدج مبارك, عساج من العايدين الفايزين انشالله
jashanmal yamal elsallal elle eysel ba6nek enshallah
My parents use perfume too it works for them for them I get a rash unless i use vaseline intensive care cream deoderant its the best. BTW if you are staying in a hotel you could always go to thier shop it usually sells all sorts of things they know people will forget or call the reception some hotels have emergency kits :)
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