Saturday, September 18, 2010

عيدكم مبارك


Thursday, September 02, 2010

Here comes the b...

This is dedicated to Wasii!

People change, even at this age (thats a surprise)
Some people love you more than you know it.
Others are undedeserving of your love, but you'll only know when you're in need.
Being non-chalant is great in getting what you want.
Too much enthusiasm is a turn-off.
Wish people the best and you'll get it too (good charma i guess).
Make sure your goals only pertain to you (you cannot plan for others)
Low self esteem is silly after a certain level of achievment
Take risks
Some surprises are pleasant

Good morning!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


There's an unwritten rule between women in larger and closely knit families that has a strong resemblance to that between girl friends: we speak to each other about any problem the family is facing, but we never embarrass the person(s) that is facing this problem.

For example, if a cousin goes through a nervous breakdown we will discuss it as the women in the family, but will not embarrass him/her about it. We will not give unwanted advice, or ask if they have seeked professional help, or ask his/her parents why she hasn't gotten over "it" yet. The intention is not so that we can gossip about them, but so they do not feel uncomfortable and singled out when they are in our company. And most likely it will be family members that they will feel okay to mingle with first before going out in the real world, and you don't want them to feel pitied or seen as a victim etc.

If an uncle marries a witch, we will be civil until he figures it out (and of course sometimes they don't). And elder aunt will break the silence, and the younger members will nod silently (you have to always agree with your eldest aunt, this is another unwritten rule).

Now if this social-disaster ettiquette is ignored by a female member of the family/friend, she will be shunned from that tight guardianship forever. She will be the Angelina Jolie of the family.

I might sound preachy, and i know we're all busy with something (facebook) or the other (bbm) but I would be interested in hearing views on this.

Note: You cannot comment on Angelina Jolie

P.S. Imagine the men in the photo were women (too hungry to look longer thru google images).

P.S.S. Yahoo & Microsoft will never beat GOOGLE

P.S.S.S. BLOGS have come back in (seasonal) fashion after what seemed to be a LONG Vila Moda 90% sale

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Porsche Kuwait

Saturday, May 30, 2009

كويت من جديد

طبعا لازم ابدي بألف مبروك للكويت ال4 نائبات ونعم الممثلات عن ومن الشعب الكويتي

وخل اقول لكم ماذا يعني هذا الحدث التاريخي

1. اول يوم بعد اعلان النتائج رحت الدوام كالعادة من شارع الحب و شعري لمه الحين كشة وشاي حليبي بيدي والشاب اللي يمي قاعد اطالعني ويمكن اقول "الحمد لله والشكر" أو يمكن بس ملقوف- العاده اهني استحي مادري ليش ولكن في هذا اليوم رفعت رأسي واستمتعت بشرابي واستانست بالزحمة
شيبه من جديد

2. أمس رايحة الشاليه ووقفت عند فرع قطعتنا لأشتري احتياجات البحر البسيطة وصففتهم بالأيس بوكس و ركبت سيارتي وإلا الشاب اللي يمي يعطيني
thumbs up

استغربت لأن الشباب بفرعنا العادة اييون للتونك قبل الشاليه ومستحيل حتى يعملون
eye contact
الشاب صار عنده الثقة ان يعبر بدون ما احس انه قليل ادب وكان متطمن اني ما راح اتظايق لانه صرنا كلنا كوول من جديد و عهد الاتلافية وحدس النفاقية ولى

كوول من جديد

3. لازم نوقف ونعطي سكوب حقهم لأنهم كانوا عنصر اساسي بكشف المتأسلمين على حقيقتهم
على راسي اعيال الجهراء

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sheba is in Love

And I'm sharing my lover with the rest of the world:

Barack Hussein Obama

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Definitely today is the day to blog, in spite of facebook messages piling up ;)

In general, 2008 has been good for me.

I feel good about 2009, for no reason at all.

The economic crisis has also been good for all of us. Lower emmissions, less consumption, and we can wear last season's, no problem.

My only real goal for the new year is to see Castro's Cuba (before he dies).

I will grow my hair again, and not miss a day without my day, night, & under eye cream.

I will make gluten free pizza.

And be a better friend.


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